frog legs

Frog legs are a popular delicacy in East Asia and Central Europe. Of them  Frog legs are a low-calorie foods
 make a variety of dishes in Portugal, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, the United States and the Caribbean. To taste the frog legs resemble chicken, have a pleasant taste and juicy flesh.

beneficial features

Frogs live only in clean water, so their meat is safe and environmentally friendly. Scientific studies have shown that substances that are produced by frogs, are effective for the prevention of malignant brain tumors and various types of cancer.

The frog legs are a large number of vitamins C, D and E, as well as nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. In the skins healing the frog contains a component that in Japan, China and India, is used to treat dental disease, edema, as well as for the normalization of the cardiovascular system and improve circulation.

In South America, used in cooking foot tree frog, which contain pain relievers and anti-inflammatory substances, which is several times more effective than morphine.

In the Ancient Rus frogs were placed in a vessel with kvass or milk to keep drinks fresh for a long time. Frog legs have antibacterial, anti-and disinfectant properties.

Calorie frog legs

Frog legs are a low-calorie foods and are suitable as an ingredient for dietary menu. Caloric frog legs is 73 kcal., And they contained 16 g of protein and 0, 3 g of fat.

Features cooking frogs' legs

The proper preparation of frogs' legs depends on the taste and the use of food for the human body. In the food use the upper part of the legs of the frog, which has only one bone is like a chicken or other poultry. In the food use only edible species of frogs. For culinary purposes frogs are grown on special farms in ecological habitat.

From frogs legs get delicious fricassee, they complement the vegetables dipped in batter and deep fried. Frog legs can be baked in wheat flour and fried in breadcrumbs with the addition of aromatic herbs and spices.

Methods for preparation of frogs' legs are similar to cooking chicken wings or legs. The tabs can be served with spicy sauces based on spices, garlic and spices. Before cooking them soaked in a marinade consisting of lemon juice, wine or cider vinegar.

In China, frog legs eaten in stew, and fried with spices. Before cooking remove the bones from the legs and add fillets to mush chou. The temperature of the quenching of 200-220 degrees, and the dish is ready about 30 minutes.

In Europe,  Cooking frog legs
 especially in Italy and France, frog legs baked in the culinary sleeve or stew with vegetables in a pan with the spices. Tasty pasta dishes are obtained, cereals and vegetables with the addition of frogs legs.

In Thailand and Japan are preparing exotic dishes from frogs and snakes, as well as add to them spicy seasonings and spices, sauces and thick gravy.


Frog legs are contraindicated for consumption if you are hypersensitive and predisposition to allergic reactions. Also, the foot is not recommended to use for people with severe diseases of the digestive system, disorders of the intestine and severe inflammation.

Before use, frog legs, make sure that the dish is cooked from fresh and ecologically pure meat edible species of frogs, and does not contain toxic poisons.