Cognac in casks
 Cognac - a strong alcoholic drink made from specific grape varieties for special technology.

Brandy production

The main white grapes for the production of an alcoholic beverage is Ugni Blanc - this grape, ripening slowly and has high acidity, disease resistance and high yield.

Apart from Ugni Blanc for the production of cognac can use such grape varieties: Montilla, Colombard, Folle Blanche. These varieties are extremely capricious in cultivation, but alcohols of them have a rich flavor and aroma.

The quality of the beverage is determined by two basic technologies of production - extraction of juice and fermentation. At the stage of fermentation is strictly prohibited the use of sugar.

Distillation of wine takes place in two stages, after which the brandy is poured into oak barrels with a capacity from 270 to 450 liters. The minimum shutter speed of 2 years, the maximum - 70 years.

In the first years of aging drink gets its inherent golden brown and saturate tannins. From the age of cognac depends on its taste.

Calories cognac and nutritional value

At 100 grams. the calorie content of the product in cognac is 237, 74 Kcal.

Nutritional value per 100g. the drink is: fat - 0, 36 oz., water - 12, 27 gr., protein - 0, 39 g., carbohydrates - 2, 13 c.

Use of cognac

No one alcoholic drink can not be considered useful for his thoughtless use. However, the consumption of good brandy in small doses has a prophylactic and therapeutic effect.

Small amounts of beverage can raise blood pressure, resulting in an abatement of headaches and improving body tone.

Due to the presence in the beverage biologically active substances, the use of brandy is the stimulation of the stomach, increased appetite and improvement of the digestive tract.

For prevention of colds is recommended to drink tea with one teaspoon of brandy. And in combination with the ginger drink can cure a cold in the early stages.

If sore throat gargle with hot drink, obezzarazhivaya it and curing disease. Furthermore, the use of a preheated brandy combined with lemon is antipyretic properties. When added to the hot brandy and lemon milk can provide an expectorant effect in bronchitis and laryngitis.

Glass of drink, taken before bedtime, relieves tension, relieves insomnia and relaxes, providing a calm and healthy sleep.

The cosmetic benefits of cognac and has been widely used. It is used as a treatment for acne, mixed with borax, water and glycerol. Also, with this drink do whitening mask and face mask for strengthening hair.

Doctors recommend daily use no more than 30 grams. cognac.  The calorie content of cognac - 237, 74 100 grams of the product

Harm and contraindications

Negative characteristics of a good cognac is much smaller than merit, but they are.

The biggest harm of cognac, as well as any other alcoholic beverage, is its excessive use, resulting in an addictive and developing such disease as alcoholism.

Drink beverages are contraindicated for people suffering from hypotension, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cholelithiasis.

In addition, as the calories in cognac contains quite a lot, it is not recommended to use for people with excessive overweight.

It should be noted that the benefits of brandy can be obtained only on condition that it is made known by the manufacturer and has excellent quality.