Maple syrup

Maple syrup - thickened juice, juice obtained by evaporation of deciduous trees in the family sapindaceae: sugar maple, red maple and black maple. Grow these kinds of maples in North America and reach  Maple syrup - a family tree sap solidified sapindaceae
 thirty meters in height and in diameter of one meter.

Maple syrup is a thick, translucent or transparent, fragrant, sticky liquid that consistency can be compared with amber honey. At different stages of evaporation of the syrup obtained from it sugar, butter and maple honey.


The most developed production of maple sap in Canada, where sugar maple grows in forests everywhere. He even became a national symbol: the image of a maple leaf can be seen on the national flag of the country. The main producer of syrup is Quebec.

The tradition of collecting maple sap current residents of Quebec went from the Indians, who have many years ago saw the wonderful benefit of maple syrup and a few generations have developed recipes for manufacturing.

From collecting maple sap associated with many traditions .  For example, the beginning of the harvest season the local villages organize Farewell to winter .  The name of this festival "Boar-a-syukr" in French means "sugar hut" .  In the immediate vicinity of the collecting maple sap residents equip temporary houses and tables for guests, install the equipment for preparation of various sweets with juice .  This festival is very revered by locals .  Kids love to eat sweets with maple syrup: pancakes with butter and syrup peasant, forest snow, delicious drizzled with a sweet liquid, maple caramel, cooked right there in front of people .  And adults prefer more meat dishes, which are also prepared on the spot - the ham with cloves baked in maple syrup, beans with ham and bacon with sweet maple sauce and, of course, rustic beer made on the basis of maple sap .

Another interesting fact is that, despite the development of technologies to automate almost all processes in the food industry, collecting sap and maple syrup cooking and today is carried out entirely by hand. This gives it a special and unique flavor, and dishes prepared with its addition - a unique charm.

In many ways, the process of production of maple sap similar to birch sap. On special maple make diagonal cuts, which is inserted into the trough of stainless steel. The collected juice refers to special "distillation" of the station, set in the woods. Here it is boiled on an open fire, vaporizing, resulting in a pure maple syrup. To obtain one liter of syrup, it is necessary to evaporate about forty liters of maple syrup! Of course, it's pretty much raises the price of the final product. But what brings joy to local residents observe the cooking process!

But the processing and storage of this valuable product is entrusted with the most modern technologies. All companies engaged in the extraction of juice and maple syrup obtained must meet the most stringent quality standards and undergo regular state inspections.

Today one of the most famous companies, engaged in assembling and processing maple sap is Quebec society "Citadel", which brings together about three thousand independent gatherers juice. The company was founded in 1925, and most of its members are hereditary collectors juice inherited this activity from their forefathers and fathers. This allows the company supplies the market with products of the highest quality, which is a recognized leader.

The use of maple syrup

Maple syrup and products manufactured from it (oil, sugar, jam) became widespread in many countries. Chefs expensive and prestigious restaurants in Canada, the USA, Japan, France and other countries are preparing the most delicious meals, which is an integral component of this product. These dishes are very popular, and many of them can be cooked at home. The syrup is fed to pancakes, waffles, pancakes, ice cream. As an ingredient used in meat dishes, pastries, desserts, sauces. The use of maple syrup has become widespread in the baking and confectionery industry as a natural alternative to sugar.

The composition of maple syrup

Maple  Maple syrup in a bottle
   syrup - a completely natural product, in its manufacture does not use any chemical components, it contains no fillers or preservatives.

In the composition of the maple syrup is present a plurality of minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc), vitamin B complex, including thiamine. It has a lot of antioxidants, especially polyphenols, which help a person prevent cardiovascular disease, help rejuvenate the body. Sugar syrup is less than honey and fructose substantially not present, so it is useful for people looking for its body weight. Syrup can be consumed even diabetics. A plant hormones that make up the maple syrup (abscisic acid) are very helpful for the normal operation of the pancreas.

Caloric maple syrup is 261 kcal per 100g of product.

The use of maple syrup

Scientists explore the use of maple syrup, we were able to prove that sweet can also be helpful. For example, recently, researchers from the University of Rhode Island found it useful to man 13 compounds in addition to the seven already found.

Scientists believe that the benefits of maple syrup is to prevent the development of diabetes, brain cancer and breast cancer. A maple juice contains natural glucose, which is readily absorbed by the body as fast carbohydrate. However, because of the glucose maple syrup is not recommended for use in excessive quantities.

The use of maple syrup has a curative effect on the body as a natural immune stimulator, so it is useful to use in case of atherosclerosis, for reducing the risk of diabetes, to enhance potency.

It is tasty and sweet treat is a part of the products recommended for a healthy diet, and is a great alternative to sugar, preserves and jams.