Rudd refers to the fish of the carp family. It lives in lakes and rivers, which flow into the Baltic, Caspian, North Sea, Black Sea and the Aral Sea.  Rudd - fish of the carp family


Rudd has a very beautiful appearance. Her body is covered with small scales shiny yellow-golden color. The fins are crimson or bright red. In appearance resembles a roach and rudd differs from the latter a higher body and eyes orange. In nature, sometimes there are hybrids of the two species of fish. They are characterized by the presence of both types of signs.

The redeye length reaches 20 - 50 cm and its mass is 350, 0 g to 2 kg.

Rudd usually lives in waters with numerous aquatic plants. She prefers to stay in the back and in the thick vegetation, avoiding entering the open areas.

Properties rudd

Meat rudd differs delicate and peculiar flavor. The fat content is low therein, only 3%. Therefore, this fish can be eaten without fear of extra weight gain, those who care about the harmony of the figure.

100, 0 g pulp contains 18 rudd, 5 grams of complete protein. Unlike meat protein it is absorbed by the human body almost completely. Therefore, nutritionists recommend include dishes rudd in the diet of children, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

Rudd also rich in chromium, phosphorus, and vitamin PP. It contained phosphorus not only go around for the synthesis of ATP, but also contributes to a better absorption of calcium.

In summer, rudd meat becomes bitter, so at this time of the year it does not carry out fishing and food do not eat.

100 Calories, 0 g rudd is 100, 5 kcal.

Application rudd

Due to the peculiar taste of the meat rudd like it is not everything. However, with proper preparation, taste dishes of fish are significantly improved, and sometimes people can not even guess what kind of fish they cooked. We need to work hard to feed their loved ones, really delicious rudd.

Most often it is prepared from delicate fish cakes. The fish should be clean, gut and rinse thoroughly under running water. The meat is then separated from the bones and half twist through a meat grinder with onions, bacon and soaked in milk white bread. To this should be added minced raw egg, salt and pepper to taste it. To form patties and fry them on both sides in the hot oil. Of the remaining fins and bones to cook a strong fish broth. Ready cutlets folded into a saucepan, pour hot broth, cover and simmer on very low heat for 20 - 30 minutes.  Fried rudd with honey and rocket salad

Rudd for making soup almost never used because the fat content therein is minimal. But roast rudd differs excellent taste. Before frying the pieces of fish should be washed in a very strong solution of salt that gets rid of peculiar smell rudd, because of which many people refuse to eat this useful product.

Rudd is very well combined with almost all vegetables. Therefore, it is often prepared from fish and vegetable stew. To do this, rudd pieces stewed in a pan with chopped tomatoes, bell peppers, black olives and mushrooms. Before serving in the stew add chopped egg and herbs, and olive oil. Salt and pepper stew should be at the very end of cooking. On the table is served cold.

No less tasty stew not get rudd with vegetables, and milk. For garnish you can submit it to the mashed potatoes and boiled green peas.

In the shops you can often see salt rudd. It is great as a snack with beer.

Interesting Facts

In New Zealand, Canada and rudd fish considered harmful, because it displaces local reservoirs valuable fish species.

Fishermen are well aware that rudd excellent bite on the lure of bright yellow color, but all the others are simply ignored.