Goat milk

Goat milk people began to use in food during the time of antiquity. So according to legend, the father of the gods  Goat's milk is good for humans
 and the people of Thunder Zeus, immediately after his birth, was given to the education of the nymph Melissa. She nursed him goat's milk Amaltei. Hippocrates and Avicenna knew about the benefits of goat's milk. In his writings, they wrote that it is necessary for the treatment of tuberculosis, and its regular use prevents the development of senile. Goat milk contains a lot of nutrients. Modern nutritionists recommend it to patients with anemia, osteoporosis. Feedback from goat's milk allows to stop a migraine attack, but also contributes to the rapid fall asleep.

The use of goat milk

Rich chemical composition of goat's milk causes benefit to human health. Protein it is in the form of beta-casein digesting forming small and loose flakes, whereby it is absorbed considerably better bovine milk casein.

It contains a large number of vitamins B, A, C. Speaking about the benefits of goat's milk can not be said about the presence in it of vitamin B12, which is particularly important for a growing child's body.

The goat milk in the most optimal proportions contain calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. This calcium absorption takes place almost completely. Therefore, it is useful not only for children but also for adults. Feedback from goat's milk reduces the risk of rickets in children and osteoporosis in the elderly, in addition shortens seam bone fractures.

Goat milk several times fat cow's milk. But it is the fat it contains a digestible form. This quality goat milk justifies the inclusion of the food in the diet of children, the elderly, malnourished patients. However, they should not be abused persons with a tendency to obesity.

The benefits of goat's milk is in its low allergenicity. At intolerance of cow's milk goat becomes the present output.

Feedback from goat's milk prolongs youth rights, increases the body's defenses.

Goat's milk for infant feeding

Many people believe that the insufficient number of maternal breast milk is the best way supplemental foods to the baby goat's milk. But in fact it is not. Goat's milk contains almost four times more mineral salts, which leads to a significant load on the kidneys of the child. In addition it is very low in iron, folic acid. When feeding children only goat's milk they often develop  Goat milk in the package
   anemia. From this it is clear that the damage to the health of goat milk infant obvious. Therefore, if necessary, transfer the baby to a mixed or artificial feeding is best to use all the same adapt infant formula. A goat's milk should be included in the diet of children older than one year.

Harm goat milk

Goat milk can be a source of serious diseases such as brucellosis. Never drink raw goat's milk, especially in the market bought from unknown persons. Before use, boil it and keep it in the refrigerator.

Injury and goat milk is that it attenuates intestinal motility and can cause constipation. Since goat milk reduces gastric acid secretion, then it should not drink before meals or immediately after it, so as not to create an additional load on the gastrointestinal tract. In addition it should be completely excluded from the diet of people suffering from pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).