Crab sticks

In our country, crab sticks appeared relatively recently - in the 90s of the last century. In those times  Crab sticks unpacked
 This product is considered exotic, as many people crabmeat and not tried at all. Thus was created the impression that eating delicious, unusual and healthy seafood.

But time passes, and nothing stands still. Today, crab sticks can be seen on the shelves of every store and fell in love with the mistress of them for easy storage, low price and quick preparation of these various dishes (mostly salads and a variety of rolls). If before the crab sticks prepared dishes mainly just for the festive table, but now nobody will be surprised if they will be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Often, because of the low calorie crab sticks are an excellent snack, especially if you do not have time for cooking. Therefore, it becomes clear that they have become something ordinary, people began to ask questions: What is the composition of crab sticks and they are not harmful to our bodies?

So, let us look at these issues.

The composition of crab sticks

It is regrettable, but the production of crab sticks of natural crab meat is not used. These are made primarily of minced fish and starch and soy protein. In general, prior to the purchase should carefully read the back of the packaging and check for natural ingredients, because today there are many fakes.

Thus crabsticks composed of minced fish (surimi), drinking water, egg white, starch, deodorized vegetable oil, salt and sugar. In their manufacture are also added stabilizers, flavor enhancers and dyes in small amounts which can not cause injury.

Surimi is made from ocean fresh fish with white meat, which has a high density and low in fat. Basically, it is cod fish species (blue whiting, hake, pollock). In the production of minced fish fillet passes heat treatment, so it retains trace elements and vitamins, but in small amounts.

Some claim that the surimi made from fish waste, but it is not. From fish heads, bones, skins and viscera produce fishmeal. And for the production of minced fish fillets use only, which is crushed and washed several times with clean water. After this treatment, the stuffing advantageously leaving only insoluble proteins.

After that, to remove excess moisture, the product is passed through a centrifuge. The result is a mass of white plastic, with no odor and color. In this mixture is added salt, starch, sugar, vegetable oil, egg protein, and stabilizers. With flavor enhancers and flavorings give minced crab flavor and color are added to produce paprika, carmine and other dyes. When buying a stick, make sure that the package had been listed natural dyes. Qualitative crab sticks painted very carefully, and only from the outside.

The weight of the crab sticks of about 25, on the 100 g nutritional value of 17, 5 g protein, 2 g fat. Calorie crab sticks is low, about 85-90 kcal per 100 g of product.

As part of the crab  Crab sticks in the package
 sticks also present water, vitamin PP and mineral substances chloro, zinc, chromium, fluoride, molybdenum and nickel.

Benefits and harms

Benefits in crab sticks is low, since they are not a natural product. Mostly all the minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats that are part of the basics, that is, fish fillets, the processing disappear, and only the fish protein.

But the damage they do can cause, especially if you buy a defective product. One needs only to see the packaging following supplements: E420, E450, E171, E160, which can often cause exacerbation of certain chronic diseases and of allergic reactions.

In addition, an important role can have here and microbiological contamination, because the product before use is not subjected to heat treatment and, therefore, does not exclude the presence of harmful microorganisms.

Therefore it is better to buy crab sticks per pack, which must necessarily contain information about the manufacturer and the composition, storage conditions and shelf life. Defrost them at room temperature is recommended, otherwise the meat can lose juiciness.

Undoubtedly, crab sticks are not the most useful product for our health, but also if they are not abused, they also harm will not do.