Carp - fish of the carp family (detachment carps). Marine carp - coastal fish living in the Black Sea. Freshwater carp inhabit the lakes and rivers.  Karas - fish of the carp family, detachment carps

Fish has a high body moderately tight hips, large back and smooth scales. The length of the freshwater carp can be up to sixty centimeters. The average size of sea bream - 13-16 centimeters. The weight and size of the fish depend on the place and conditions of its habitat.

There are three types of freshwater carp: silver carp, common, goldfish. Goldfish - ornamental aquarium fish, bred by artificial means in China. Goldfish is less demanding in power and multiplies quickly, so often displaces other types of fish.

Nutritional value and calorie carp

About 60% of the body carp is suitable for human consumption. Caloric carp only 88 kcal, whereas in the fatty fish species contained 3 times as many calories (250 kcal per hundred grams of fish).

The fat in the flesh of this fish is very small (about 7%), but a lot of low-calorie and easily digestible protein (18%). Because of the low calorie carp often include therapeutic menu when overweight, with various cardiovascular pathologies (in baked or boiled).

Features and benefits carp

The quality of the fish is very dependent on their habitats. In marshy lakes freshwater carp often smells like algae. The best in taste fish is found in large bodies of water clean. In addition, there are larger and it has no foreign odors.

Use of the human body for a crucian is in its pulp contains a group of essential amino acids. Essential amino acids contribute to the intelligence and speech abilities, improve vision.

The flesh of the fish contains vitamins A, C, E, B vitamins, and minerals - sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, fluoride, potassium, chlorine, nickel, chromium and molybdenum. Therefore, carp must be used to prevent the development of cancer and to enhance the body's resistance to various infections.

Redfin is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 supports a healthy brain, blood vessels, the heart and the whole body.

Furthermore, the use of carp is the flesh of the fish stimulate the digestive system, activates the enzyme synthesis.

The body of the sea bream is the high content of trace element iodine among all the fishes in the sea. Therefore, the fish should be in large numbers to eat in diseases of the thyroid gland.

An important use of carp is due to a high content of calcium, which helps strengthen bones, nails and hair.

WHO recommends the use of 100 g of crucian at least three times a week. Studies have shown that daily consumption of fish and the rejection of other protein sources (meat, chicken, etc.) Does not harm the body.

It can bring benefits to the body only fresh fish. Fresh fish is covered with transparent slime, gills in her bright red or pale pink, shiny scales. The surface is covered with muddy stale fish slime and scales are pale and faded. Abdomen from stale fish may be overblown.

Methods of preparing carp

Carp is widely used in cooking. There are many ways to cook this fish. It can fry, pickle, dry, bake and cook with it ear or jelly, smoke it or jerk. Cooking fish with spices should be to remove the typical smell of carp algae. Before cooking carp, as well as any freshwater fish should be washed with concentrated brine. Big fish better cut into pieces and cook a small fish entirely.  Fried carp with sour cream

Before you bake the carp in the oven, you need to make a few small cuts along the edges of the fish better propeklas.

Ear of carp is very useful for people suffering from an ulcer or gastritis.

When heat treated pulp carp can not overcook or digest. For this fish quite ten minutes, fifteen minutes of cooking and frying. In case of overheating fish flesh becomes tough and dry.

Fried fish with sour cream - the best-known method of preparing carp. A rare dish, but no less tasty and healthy, it is considered carp, cooked in cream.

The fish can pickle, and its flesh becomes red. In Korea, the fish often steamed, prescription food "tomimёn" (with mushrooms, beef meat and nuts).

Skeleton carp consists of many small bones. That's why some cooks are advised to fry it in oil. It is almost all the small bones seem to dissolve and become large crunchy and brittle.