Cocoa beans - the fruit of the tree up to 10 meters, which grows in Central and South America. Interestingly, only 7 - 9% of all cocoa trees bear fruit. Moreover, the cocoa tree begins to bear fruit only after 3 years after planting.  Cocoa tree with fruit

Actually cocoa represented as a multi-product obtained during the processing of beans:

  • Grated cocoa;
  • Cocoa butter;
  • Cocoa powder.

Cocoa butter - the most valuable product, it is produced using the method of pressing. Roasted and chopped fruit used as raw materials to produce cocoa powder. In principle, cocoa powder - a kind of waste (a result of the processing of beans after obtaining cocoa butter). But cocoa liquor is a raw material for the present chocolate, it is obtained directly during the grinding bean plants.

Useful properties and caloric cocoa

Besides the fact that the use of cocoa powder and butter provides a delicious drinks and confectionery.

Use of cocoa is that it contains many useful substances, namely:

1. Caffeine;

2. Theophylline;

3. Theobromine;

4. PEA;

5. Proteins;

6. Fatty acid;

7. Zinc;

8. Melanin;

9. Vitamins;

10. Trace elements;

11. polyphenols.

The first three ingredients have cocoa tonic properties and phenylethylamine acts on the body as an antidepressant. Protein and fatty acids particularly rich cocoa butter that provides stabilization of cholesterol in the blood. Part of the cocoa powder and cocoa butter melanin, getting into the skin, can absorb the sun's rays, serves as protection of the body from burns and sunstroke. Cocoa butter is very rich in vitamin F.

By the essential fatty acids, which is part of cocoa are:

  • Stearin;
  • Palmitic;
  • Oleic;
  • Linolenic.

All of these fatty acids, as well as other useful minerals and polyphenols provide the following properties, which is of particular benefit and cocoa:

1. Regeneration;

2. Immunomodulatory;

3. Antioxidant;

4. anticarcinogenic.

The main elements in the composition of cocoa butter are purines (an important component of nucleic acids). Thus, the content of these substances leads to the use of cocoa normalization process of biosynthesis of proteins and enzymes.

Key indicators nutritionally cocoa per 100 gram of product:

  • Calorie Cocoa - 37 calories;
  • Protein - 24, 2 g;
  • Fats - 17, 5 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 31, 9 g

Furthermore, the use of cocoa is that it serves as an excellent stimulant for production of endorphins, hormones also called joy or happiness. Endorphins promote:

1.Aktivizatsii vitality;

2. Strengthening of mental activity;

3. Increased efficiency;

4. Improvement of mood;

The use of cocoa

Cocoa mass, as cocoa butter, is used as an important ingredient in the confectionery industry, pharmaceutical industry and in the manufacture of cosmetics. This cocoa powder and butter is an essential component in the manufacture of products such as:

  • Chocolate;
  • Confectionery;
  • Hand cream;
  • Lipstick;
  • Face Cream.

Besides chocolate and other confectionery, cocoa powder often used for beverages. To improve the tone and mood of cocoa recommend drinking in the morning or in the afternoon, it is better to combine with dried fruit and honey.  Cocoa powder is most often used for the preparation of beverages

Also consumption, cocoa powder and the oil used for cosmetic treatments. So, useful properties of cocoa butter is used for skin rejuvenation, as it has a tonic and healing effects. A very effective way to deal with stretch marks on the body is the use of cocoa butter massage and body wraps for cocoa powder. The combination of cocoa butter with cognac and overlaying a mask on your hair gives a perfect result. Hair strengthened by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, it is better to grow and become thicker.

Cocoa butter - a component of the set of medical means. The use of cocoa for medicinal purposes was first proposed by the Spanish doctor Antonio Kolmenero de Ledesma at the beginning of XXVII century and since then it is always healthier person.

Thus, a significant benefit of cocoa accounts for its use to fight colds. Cocoa butter in this case has the following effects:

1. antitussive;

2. expectorant;

3. Dilution of sputum.

C using cocoa butter treat the following diseases:

  • Bronchitis;
  • Sore throat;
  • Inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia);
  • Influenza.

In the treatment of these diseases, cocoa butter taken orally, diluting it with hot milk. You can also oiled cocoa throat. During epidemics of viral diseases, doctors recommend to lubricate the mucous membranes of the nasal passage cocoa butter.

In addition, a significant benefit of cocoa is to use it for the following health problems:

  • Inflammation and intestinal disorders;
  • Gastric disease;
  • Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood;
  • Cholecystitis;
  • Heart disease.

The benefits of cocoa and consists in the removal of excess cholesterol from the blood, making it possible to prevent the development of atherosclerosis and reduce the risk of varicose veins. Cocoa butter acts as a choleretic agent that can be used in cholecystitis. Significant benefits of cocoa and its carcinogenic properties, which implies the use of cocoa as a prevention of tumors.

Furthermore, cocoa butter has a mild laxative effect: Drinking overnight at 1 h. L. cocoa butter, you can get rid of constipation.

Contraindications and harm from the use of cocoa

The benefits of cocoa and harm - quite disparate concepts. Damage from cocoa can only be in the case of low-quality cocoa. So, rancid and sour taste says about the potential dangers of cocoa, a product use is not necessary. This applies to all products that are used in the manufacture of cocoa (chocolate, confectionery, drinks). So, insomnia, fatigue and stress damage from cocoa is not unlike receiving a large amount of coffee or energy drinks.

Cocoa can cause harm only in the case of its use in excessive quantities, as well as people with certain diseases, such as gout. It is thought that high calorie cocoa makes it undesirable in dietary nutrition. Actually calorie cocoa not high, beverages and confectionery product may become calorie only by the addition of sugar and fat

When using cocoa in its natural form healthy adult contraindications almost nonexistent. However, there are some guidelines for situations in which the use of cocoa could be dangerous:

1. Individual intolerance of cocoa powder and butter;

2. Children under 3 years of age;

3. Metabolic disorders in which the use of undesirable products containing purines.

Young children should not hurry with the introduction of cocoa in the menu, as their digestive system is still underdeveloped and toning substances and excess sugar the body does not need.

It is especially important to think about the potential dangers of cocoa persons with the following disabilities:

  • Allergy to chocolate products based on cocoa powder and an oil;
  • Hyperactivity (in children);
  • Obesity.

In these cases, the use of cocoa in a healthy way is possible after the approval of a physician.