As with hare contains vitamins C, PP, B6 and B12, cobalt, potassium, iron, manganese, fluorine, phosphorus, iodine, copper, molybdenum, cobalt and zinc.

Calorie 100g hare - 182 calories. The proteins it contains 13, 5 g, fat - 12, 9 g saturated fatty acids -4, 9, carbohydrates - 3, 2r

The high nutritional value of hare meat because proteins in it more than in poultry meat and fat it lends itself well to a heat treatment.

Use hare

Due to the low fat and softness, the minimum content of sodium, meat can be incorporated into the diet of patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, biliary tract, suffering from high blood pressure, allergies.

The lecithin is contained with hare, and therefore meat helps prevent arteriosclerosis.

Because dietary rabbit meat contains protein, athletes can use, observing a special diet to strengthen muscles.

It is noticed that regular use of hare improves eyesight restored mucous membranes and the skin, improves metabolism.

Those who are going to include hare in a diet for weight loss, it is helpful to know that it goes well with carrots, cabbage, potatoes, dill, rosemary. The smell of juniper hare cleans well.

It has been observed that by using a well-hare to recuperate after a long illness.

Meat useful to the elderly, lactating and pregnant women, sick children.

How to choose a meat rabbit

The dietary preferable to use a young hare. In order to determine the age of the hare, look at the ulna: a young hare on her bump is felt that disappears with age.

To make the meat soft and eliminate peculiar smell, in most recipes recommend soaking it for 10-12 hours in vinegar and water. But diet is right for soaking meat in whey.  To maintain the nutritional value, hare better prepare parts

In addition, nutritionists believe that to preserve the nutritional value of hare better prepare parts. Young hare preparing at least 40 minutes.

Contraindications to eat hare

Special contraindications have no hare, only if you are hypersensitive to this type of meat is its undesirable.

Excessive use of rabbit meat, as well as other kinds of meat is not recommended - it contains purine base that turns into uric acid cause gout, arthritis, are deposited in the joints and tendons. Children have an overabundance of uric acid can cause neuro-arthritic diathesis.