Gus - waterfowl duck family, is widely and commonly used in the household.  Gus - waterfowl duck family

Taste property

Goose meat color slightly darker than chicken. The taste is juicy and flavorful, and so deservedly popular.

Useful properties of goose

The goose meat contains a lot of protein, which is quite easily digested. It helps the human body better absorb calcium. It also contains vitamins A, C, phosphorus, iron and manganese.

The goose meat contains calciferol, responsible for the regulation of the exchange of phosphorus and calcium in the body cobalamin - element needed to prevent pernicious anemia, and folic acid, especially needed during pregnancy.

Calorie goose meat

Nutritional value of 100 g of goose meat: fat - 7, 13 g of water - 68, 3 g carbohydrates - 0 g protein - 22, 75 g, ash - 1 of 1

Calorie goose meat 100 g - 161 kcal (without skin).

The use of goose meat and offal for medicinal purposes

Goose meat is ideal for use in food for people who have constant exercise - it nourishes the body with essential vitamins and support forces.

Goose meat is recommended to use to stimulate the brain to cope with stress, so it is indispensable for exhaustion. Babies do not give goose meat, as it is rather difficult to digest and has a high fat content. Enter in the child's diet goose meat in small amounts is recommended not earlier than 6 years of age.

The human body is well absorbed by the goose-products that are recommended in the anemia, since they stimulate the formation of blood.

Goose liver contains a lot of vitamins. It contains retinol, is important for the eyes and skin, and increases the potency, pantothenic acid, normal metabolism in the body, thiamin converts carbohydrates into energy, as well as pyridoxine, involved in the reactions of cleavage and synthesis of amino acids. As goose liver contains biotin promoting skin healing and nicotinic acid, which is involved in many oxidative reactions of living cells.

The use goose fat for medicinal purposes

 Calorie goose meat 100 g - 161 kcal
 Goose fat is used in folk medicine and cosmetology. It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, so in its medicinal properties superior to other animal fats, and does not harm the blood vessels and the heart.

In Korea believe that goose fat is able to dissolve tumors. In addition, it is recommended to use for people with gallstones, as it promotes the production of bile. Korean doctors assure that this product helps to remove toxins from the body, so the goose fat is used by them in case of poisoning.

Goose fat has the ability to withstand high temperatures without changing its molecular structure. Therefore, the product is easily absorbed by the body.

In folk medicine used goose fat in such diseases:

  • When skin diseases - wet eczema and psoriasis;
  • Ointments goose fat is used to treat coughs;
  • When frostbite and burns fat rubbed into the affected areas;
  • In the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and pneumonia make compresses with goose fat;
  • For the treatment of shortness of breath do infusions with goose fat;
  • When the pain in the back, legs trombofelite and diseases;
  • For the prevention of bronchopulmonary diseases.

In cosmetology goose fat is used to make the skin of the face, feet and hands tenderness and softness. He is well whitens the skin and heals surface damage.

Contraindications and precautions

Calorie goose meat is low, but the frequent use of it with goose fat can lead to excess weight. Several lower calorie meat goose possible if you remove the excess fat and meat cooking or baking, not frying. Abuse goose meat ability to increase blood cholesterol levels, which in turn provokes a heart and vascular disease. So Gus is contraindicated for diabetics and those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Due to difficulties with digestion with its worth with care to eat for people with diseases of the stomach, liver and pancreas.