Chub - a fish related to the carp family. It lives mainly in rivers, but sometimes also found in freshwater lakes. Widespread chub in Europe and Asia Minor.  Chub - fish of the carp family

Appearance chub

Chub has a very massive head, slightly flattened at the top and elongated roundish body. Back chub dark green, almost black. Boca have a silver color with a slight yellowish tinge. Ventral and anal fins are orange-red, and breast - bright orange. Chub is sufficiently large predatory fish. It weighs up to eight kilograms and a length of 85 cm.

Useful properties and caloric chub

Chub is one of the valuable food. By its nutritional value it is in no way inferior to the best grades of meat. However, unlike him much more easily absorbed by the human body. Therefore, dishes from the chub are widely used in dietary and should be included in the menu of children and the elderly.

Calorie meat chub is quite low and is only 90 kcal per 100 g of product. Therefore, the meat of this fish can be safely included in the menu, people watching their weight or who want to lose weight.

Meat chub includes many macro and micronutrients phosphorus, bromine, manganese, magnesium, cobalt, calcium, potassium, copper, iron, lithium and boron. No less nutritious and useful fat of freshwater fish. It contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin D, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids that have a strong antioxidant effect and prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the joints.

Dishes of chub

Some people believe that the chub - a virtually inedible and very tasteless fish. In part, they explain their opinion that the chub is a predator, not only eating the fries, but also insects and even mice. Others do not like the fact that the meat chub contains a lot of small bones and gives the smell of slime. But, despite all these shortcomings, the chub is widely used in cooking and including dietary. When properly prepared dishes chub have high dietary and taste, superior meat fish such as bream or ide.

The most common chub meat baked in foil with vegetables. In order to fight off an unpleasant smell slime should be cleaned fish marinate in lemon juice with the addition of aromatic herbs and garlic.  Dishes chub - fish baked in foil

Chub can bake with white sauce or stew in sour cream. No less tasty and useful chub fried in a pan or on the grill. This fish can be used for cooking soup. Besides boiled chub is an excellent addition to a variety of salads and perfect substitute beef or poultry.

If you wish, you can chub and pickle. However, do not often eat salted chub, not heat treated, as in this case, the meat of the fish gives absorption from intestinal vitamin B1, which may lead to the development gipovitaminoznogo state.

Dishes chub served with boiled potatoes, kvass, pickled cucumbers, sweet green peppers or roasted slices of white bread. For decoration use lemon slices, slices of cucumber, tomato or green leaf lettuce.

Supermarkets usually sold frozen chub. The fresh fish that can be bought only in fish markets. Buying chub, it must be remembered that its meat is very perishable when stored in the open air, so always pay attention to the shelf life of fish. Besides giving dishes chub small children, be extremely careful, because fish meat contains a lot of small bones and the child can choke on.