Heart beef

Beef heart - a by-product of high nutritional value category. Used Heart for preparation of snacks, salads, first dishes.  Calorie beef heart - 96 calories per 100 g

Use beef heart

High nutritional value of beef heart has due to the content of vitamins A, B, E, K, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and zinc.

The use of this byproduct helps with anemia, diseases of the heart, strengthens the nervous system and body as a whole, which is especially important in the elderly. In addition, the dishes from the heart helps to improve metabolism.

Heart beef periodically recommend giving children and adolescents, to include in the maintenance diet after prolonged treatment, surgery, injuries, thermal burns.

Calorie beef heart - 96 calories.

How to cook dishes from beef heart

Before you make a meal of beef heart, it must be properly butcher. Distinguishes this byproduct is that a lot of fat on the heart, it must be removed, as well as blood vessels, and blood clots. So first cut all unnecessary, and then thoroughly washed with heart. Cooking can be whole or chopped to pieces. Typically, heart cook, bake, fry.

Before boiled beef heart, it is soaked in water for two or three hours, and then cooked. This water is drained through the first 10 minutes of boiling, since the protein folds, and it turns out a lot of foam and gray flakes.

To obtain a clear broth, water is poured in again - one hour boil. The cooking beef heart depends on the age of the animal. On average, a byproduct boil half an hour, but if a cow or a bull were old, the pulping process may take three hours.

From boiled beef heart can prepare hot and cold salads, pate, filling for cakes and pancakes, or served as a separate dish, cutting, pre-on plate. It can be served boiled heart greens, potatoes, rice or other boiled cereals.

From boiled beef heart mix well the different sauces - sweet, sour, sweet, tomato, cream and others.

From raw heart can cook chops and goulash. Stew heart perfectly complement the roots of celery and parsley, vegetables, any spice.

Connoisseurs prefer to eat the heart of young animals, as it turns out after the preparation of softer, and the taste of it more tender. And preparing a byproduct faster and easier than the old heart of the animal.

Calorie beef heart is insignificant, but in order to really prepare diet meals, it is important not to use fatty dressings, do not fry the heart, just boil it or bake.  Salad from beef heart

Well prepared breakfast with a heart: spaghetti with fried, sandwiches with boiled beef heart, potatoes stewed with roasted carrots and heart. These dishes from beef heart perfectly saturated, feed energy for the whole day.

Especially favor beef heart as food gives strength, will appreciate athletes and people engaged in mental and physical labor.

Harm beef heart

Excessive use of this byproduct, in any case it is impossible, because there are a lot of protein, which in large quantities can cause problems with the kidneys, digestive tract, heart. The overabundance of protein and can cause hypertension.

There have been cases of individual intolerance of beef heart, but this happens rarely.

In order not to hurt yourself by eating beef heart, it is important to choose a byproduct. It is sold fresh frozen or chilled. At the heart should not be plaque or stains and the smell had to be fresh meat.