Bullish eggs - tasty and healthy delicacy

The testes of cattle, sheep and pigs used in the culinary world, famous for spicy taste and useful properties.  Bullish eggs - delicious product with a spicy taste

Useful properties of bovine eggs

The main benefit of bovine egg that is very nutritious. Calorie bovine eggs is 230 calories (100 grams), but the main thing is that they are a source of digestible protein (13%). Fats in bovine eggs a little - 34%. Official medicine has found that the use of bull testes gives strength and energy.

The fact that the great advantage of bovine eggs for the "male power" truth only partly. The fact is that during thermal processing hormones, which could help to enhance the potency, are completely destroyed. This means that in case of problems with erection can help only a crude product. But the use of bovine raw eggs, as well as their taste is questionable. Before deciding on such an experiment, make sure that the animal was perfectly healthy. The harm that can bring raw meat, is much higher than the benefits of this method of treatment problems with potency.

But properly prepared dish from bovine eggs useful to all, because it contains important biological substances for the body.

Bovine eggs, which are calorie compared to other types of meat, is quite low, it is possible to use for people on a diet to combat overweight and obesity.  Calorie bovine eggs - 230 kcal per 100 g

It is also proved that a regular presence in the diet of this byproduct has beneficial effects on the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system.

Contraindications bovine eggs

Serious reason not to use a delicacy there. The only thing to be heat-treated bovine eggs to avoid infestation, leukemia and other diseases affecting cattle.

It is undesirable to use a stale product - at a choice you should prefer bovine eggs pink color with bluish veins. You can not buy the testes or greenish gray.