Brazilian nut

Brazil Nuts - South American plant, which is also known as American walnut. Widely  Brazil nut kernels
 widespread in Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, the eastern parts of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Despite its name, the main exporter of Brazil nuts is Bolivia.

An interesting fact is that botanists as opposed to simple consumers include Brazil nuts to grains. Typically nut pulp is separated from the shell, and the shell is in turn divided into two halves, i.e. not as in Brazil nuts, where the fruit is more than unusual: Nuts are like segments of an orange inside the fruit that reaches up to 2, 5 kg.

Useful properties of Brazil nut

Today, well-known beneficial properties of Brazil nut. This fruit is rich in proteins - 18% carbohydrates, and - 13% is merely a fount of useful elements - copper, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamins E, A, B6.

Many nuts arginine, which increases blood clotting.

The Brazil nuts are very high levels of fat, up to 69%. This gives the nut slightly earthy flavor. Fat, which comprises brazil nut, refers to unsaturated fats, the use of which contributes to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Taste and nutritional properties, which has Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts and even surpass coconuts. Compared to other nuts, Brazil is very large and they are often used for the production of oils.

Calorie Brazil nut - 682 kcal per 100g.


The high content of vitamin E, which is a very positive effect on the skin, helped oil obtained from the Brazil nut, a common practice in cosmetology. It has great healing and moisturizing effect, is used to treat burns and some skin diseases. You can make your own beauty products more useful, if you add in their composition Brazil nut oil, but not more than 10% of the total weight. A number of medical studies have shown that eating Brazil nuts significantly reduces the risk of cancer of the prostate and breast, as the Brazil nut contains large amounts of selenium. In addition, selenium, contained in Brazil nuts, has a rejuvenating effect on the body.

It is also noted that a pair of nuts per day substantially reduces the likelihood of stress and strengthens the nervous system.

Harm Brazil nut

It is worth noting that if you have allergies to any other types of nuts, and the use of the Brazil nut is likely to cause allergies. Do not abuse the Brazil nuts even if you are not allergic to it. Couples nuts a day is enough. We must not forget that Brazil nuts  Brazil nuts in a peel
 It contains a certain amount of a radioactive substance called radium, whose influence on the body is poor.

There are strict rules relating to the importation of Brazilian walnut, entered the European Union. It is strictly forbidden to import this valuable nut in its shell, because it contains aflatoxin, badly affecting the liver.

High-calorie Brazil nut - it's a known fact, and therefore people who have a desire to get rid of a few kilograms of weight, it is advisable to abandon the use of the Brazil nut.

It is undesirable to use nuts to those who suffer from hypertension.

Summarizing, we can say that can bring both benefit and harm Brazil nuts. First of all, before eating his food should be sure that you do not have contraindications to brazil nuts, and even if it is, try not to abuse it.