Sweet potatoes - sweet potatoes
 Useful properties of sweet potato

Yams or sweet potatoes, as it is called, it belongs to the family convolvulaceae. Of the more than 1,000 species, this vegetable crop is a valuable food product. Who came from Central and South America, thanks to its useful properties of the sweet potato is now widely cultivated in warm and humid regions.

According to many studies on the content together all the nutrients the sweet potato is one of the leading places among the known vegetables, it is recommended to include in your diet as vitamins and fortifying agent.

Almost 5% of the vitamin content of sweet potatoes accounted for ascorbic acid. It also contains large amounts of niacin (vitamin PP), which is essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system and has an activating effect on the cerebral cortex. Lack of this vitamin in the body caused by repetitive refined food and manifested as redness and peeling of the open areas of skin to the sun, and also serves as one of the causes of depression. In addition, the sweet potatoes and a lot of other vitamins - B, A, K and E, thiamine and riboflavin. To saturate the body with vitamin A is better to choose dark orange sweet potato varieties in which it is contained much more.

According to the content of potassium sweet potatoes yams exceeds almost all known vegetables. Also, it includes phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and sodium. Caloric yam is 61 kcal, while it hardly contains fats and proteins.

The main properties of the yam useful attribute contained in a large amount of starch, which is important as an emollient and enveloping tool in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Sweet potato sweet potato generally is saturated with complex carbohydrates, fiber and fiber and is recommended for people with eating disorders who can not tolerate traditional fiber vegetables - carrots, beets and cabbage.

Also included in the yam progesterone, which makes it a valuable food product in menopause. According to recent research the sweet potato has the property to help stabilize blood sugar levels, it can be used in diabetes mellitus.

In addition it is believed that the yam provides normal activity the kidney and liver, affects the elasticity of blood vessels, and is the prevention of cancer.

Application of sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are widely used in many cuisines of the world. Some varieties of sweet potatoes taste like banana, melon and chestnut. In countries where it is widely cultivated, sweet potato is the main food crop. In Uganda, widely used sun-dried root vegetables with peanut sauce, Egypt and China because it is prepared outside of fast food.

Eat sweet potatoes raw, baked, boiled and stewed. A low calorie sweet potato can be used in daily diet, without fear of overweight. For fresh salads it rubbed on a coarse grater, it is particularly well combined with the juice of a lemon or lime. Also can be added to salads and leaves of the plant, which is also rich in nutrients. Boiled and baked sweet potatoes to recommend to eat pickles. In China it is considered very useful sweet potatoes with wheat porridge.

 Eat sweet potatoes raw, baked, boiled and stewed
 Sweet Potato can be combined with any meat and cereals. When cooking sweet potato is best to use hot spices - curry, ginger and pepper, which complement the sweetness of root.

Sweet potato dishes - an integral part of American cuisine. From it is prepared a lot of sweet dishes with butter and brown sugar, and is also used as an alternative to conventional potatoes.


Sweet potato, being the most valuable food crop in the world, does not have specific contraindications except individual intolerance, which manifests itself as an allergic reaction.