First aid for drowning

Drowning - it  First aid for drowning depends on its type
 condition in which the airways are filled with water (dirt, silt), resulting in disturbed air flow into the lungs. If for some time the victim will not be given first aid drowning, cardiac arrest occurs, he will die.

First aid drowning in the water

First aid for drowning begins on the water. To do this, save a man should know that at the time of the drowning man trying to retrieve from the pond, he (surrounded) by producing unconscious and uncoordinated movements can pull him along. To avoid this, if the accident occurred near the coast, it is necessary to try to save a drowning without entering the water, handing him any floating object or a stick. If it fails to perform, it is necessary to swim to the drowning man from behind. Taking him by the hands and armpits turning back, to swim to shore, where they immediately need to provide first aid drowning and cause "fast". If possible, the victim is necessary to maintain verbal contact.

Types of drowning and first aid for them

There are two types of drowning - the pale (white asphyxia) and blue (blue asphyxia or drowning true). These names indicate the color of the skin of the victim (white and blue, respectively).

Pale drowning occurs when a person is immersed in the water unconscious or in a state of panic shock, such as during a disaster. As a result of contact of the body with cold water, there is a sudden cardiac arrest and respiratory. Ranked in the larynx water promotes reflex closing of the glottis, resulting in airways become impassable and the penetration of water into the lungs occurs. That is why the pale drowning is more favorable forecast for the preservation of life of the victim.

First aid for drowning pale type should be given immediately after removing the victim ashore. If he is not breathing, you must begin artificial respiration, which is as follows:

  • Place the victim on a hard surface, throwing his head back;
  • From scrap materials (clothing, pillows, etc.) make rolls and place one under the shoulders and the two sides of the head;
  • Release the chest, abdomen and neck of the victim from the pressure of clothing;
  • Open your mouth and will push the lower jaw. If you are in the mouth vomit, remove them;
  • Pinch the victim's nose and inhale, hold your lips to his mouth. Then slowly and gently exhale;
  • If the victim after the event did not start to breathe, then counted to four, repeat breath.

In the absence of the heartbeat along with artificial respiration is necessary to perform chest compressions:

  • Put your palms (one by one) to the victim's chest;
  • Straighten your elbows and push his weight on it;
  • Make necessary not less than 30 compressions, the duration of each about 1 second.

Alternately performing artificial respiration and chest compressions (every 30 chest compressions "diluted" by two breaths), it is possible to maintain a person's life, no signs of life, about an hour. Therefore, you must do these procedures until breathing or until arrival of an ambulance.

If you visit  Heart massage - first aid drowning
 health care workers is not expected to terminate the provision of first aid drowning is only necessary when the body of the victim will cadaveric spots and will be apparent joint stiffness, in other words, rigor mortis.

Blue drowning occurs when a person gradually submerged in the water, during which he and all the forces trying to stay on the surface. At this time, disturbed breathing, the victim begins to swallow the water that enters the stomach. Shortness of breath causing anoxia (hence the skin appears blue), which begins to rise with the final immersion. As a result, first person loses consciousness and develops flowed light, and then, stops the heart.

For first aid drowning blue type to begin to rid the airways of water to fill them. To do this, turn the body of the victim in the abdomen and create a bend of the trunk to the head, his chest (the lower portion) on his leg bent at the knee. At the same time the very head of the victim, it is desirable to reject a bit ago. Do not waste time on the heart rate measurement, you need as quickly as possible to cause a gag reflex, by finger pressure on the root of the tongue. On the implementation of all these measures it should take only a few seconds.

When you cough or vomit must be likely to remove the water from the stomach and lungs by means of the same manipulation - pressure on the root of the tongue. It is necessary to perform until until no water outlet of the airway. Then put on the victim's side, warm it by all means at hand (a blanket, bottled water, heated by the sun and so on), change into dry clothes and wait for the arrival of an ambulance. Note that the threat of heart failure, cerebral edema and pulmonary and renal failure have affected will persist for 5 days. Therefore, even if the well-being needs to be taken to hospital as soon as possible.

If the pressure on the root of the tongue did not cause cough or gag reflex, and the water flowing from the mouth, no pieces of food eaten, and still not breathing, to spend time on the extraction of water from the lungs and the stomach of the victim is no longer worth it. Immediately turn it back on and start the implementation of artificial respiration and chest compressions. How to do it is described above.

As you can see, these two types of drowning and first aid when they are almost identical. Their only difference is in the process of drowning, and in order to help.

Be aware that the readiness prevent accidents on the water, and first aid drowning is the duty of every man!