Vestibular-atactic syndrome

Vestibular-atactic syndrome - the second occurrence, along with pseudobulbar syndrome, cephalgic, pyramidal, amiostaticheskim,  Prevention of vestibular-atactic syndrome is to prevent the development of cerebral ischemia
 and it is characterized in cerebral ischemia.

There vestibular-atactic syndrome, for various reasons, but mainly to give him vascular disorders associated with persistent or spasm of the arteries of the brain lesion.

Symptoms of vestibular-atactic syndrome

Symptoms of vestibular-atactic syndrome in the initial stages are:

  • Dizziness;
  • Flashing "flies" before the eyes;
  • Loss of coordination;
  • Nausea;
  • Unsteadiness of gait.

In the later stages can be traced subjective and objective diskoordinatornye violation clearly interconnected.

Causes of vestibular-atactic syndrome

For vestibular-atactic syndrome causes chronic circulatory insufficiency in the vertebrobasilar arterial beds acquired or congenital nature. Also, the phenomenon of vestibular-atactic syndrome associated with fronto-stem disorders, normal pressure hydrocephalus, atrophy of the cortex, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome

Treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome should begin with a qualitative analysis by interviewing the patient, neurological and otoneurological examination. Then follows the search for signs of diffuse lesions of the brain, the use of antihypertensive therapy, daily monitoring of blood pressure and cholesterol lowering statins. The patient must be completely change the diet and a healthy lifestyle (to get rid of bad habits).

One of the most important components of the treatment of the syndrome is the appointment of antioxidants such as:

  • Aktovegin;
  • Mildronat;
  • Mexidol.

Also prescribe drugs that optimize the cerebral circulation, namely Instenon, Cavinton and Trental.

For the treatment of chronic brain ischemia 2-3 stage, accompanied by vestibular-atactic syndrome, perhaps the appointment of symptomatic therapy, which includes antidepressants. Most  For the treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome applies Grandaxinum
 among these are safe medications benzodiazepine, such as Grandaxinum.

Treatment of vestibular-atactic syndrome mainly engaged neurologists, which in addition to the above funds can also assign physiotherapy effects, and sometimes even hypnosis.

In some cases, the treatment of the syndrome require surgery in which the affected side of the intersection is performed vasomotor fibers of the vertebral artery. The results of surgery are to reduce spasms resistant nature of the artery and improve blood circulation of the brain areas responsible for maintaining coordination and balance.

Preventive measures to avoid the development of vestibular-atactic syndrome is to prevent the development of cerebral ischemia. From an early age to avoid stressful situations, do not abuse alcohol and smoking, and at the first signs of ischemia necessary reduction of physical activity and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

Other important preventive measures are the fight against obesity and inactivity treatment. And in diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis, exercise therapy should be exclusively from medical specialists.