Brief description of the disease

 Symptoms of ureaplasmosis men and women

Ureaplasmosis men and women is one of the most common infections in the category of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases .  Despite the fact that pathogens ureaplasmosis identified a long time and are well understood, many experts still doubt whether you can be considered a separate disease ureaplasmosis, or whether it is a consequence of any other processes in the human body .  Such doubts are based on the latest research in which it was found that the pathogens present in the vagina ureaplasmosis 60% of healthy women .  Moreover, they are found in 30% of newborn girls .  The incidence of ureaplasma in healthy men are registered less often, but it happens on a regular basis and can serve as a breeding ground for well-founded conclusions .  However, they have already made .  A few years ago ureaplasmosis men and women received the determination of opportunistic infections, and is currently its initial hostile pathogens in relation to the person in question .

The causative agent of the disease

Ureaplasmosis women and men provoked ureaplasmas activities that are similar to large viruses, as they have no cell wall or DNA utrachenennye bacteria in the natural evolution .  So the name infection "ureaplasmosis" because ureaplasma can not exist without urea that they destroy during its natural life cycle .  Transmission of pathogens ureaplasmosis carried out mainly during sexual intercourse .  Domestic way of infection is rarely recorded, and basically the infected children, due to the imperfections of the immune system .  It is also possible to intrauterine infection, when the disease is transmitted to the fetus in the womb .  I would like to say, that ureaplasmosis, the symptoms of which are observed during pregnancy can lead to very dire consequences, so be sure to check pregnant women for the presence of ureaplasmas .  Afraid of positive test results is not necessary .  The main thing that the disease was detected in time, and can easily destroy pathogens using antimicrobial drugs .

Symptoms ureaplasmosis

Symptoms ureaplasmosis men and women have about a month after infection, but as mentioned above, with a favorable course it may not manifest itself for several years .  In this case, it all depends on the health status of the patient ureaplazozom person - more precisely, his immune system .  The main protective factor of the body becomes the vaginal flora, the normal ratio of different microorganisms .  If for any reason a delicate balance is disturbed, ureaplasmosis begins to develop, the treatment is aimed at reducing the number of ureaplasmas .  However, the main difficulty in this case is not so much treatment as a diagnosis of the disease .  Ureaplasmosis behaves minor symptoms .  Many patients do not pay any attention to them, and because very often ureaplasmosis only detected during routine inspections or study samples taken on a completely different reason .

The most typical symptoms ureaplasmosis include:

  • clear vaginal discharge;
  • burning sensation when urinating;
  • dragging pain in the abdomen;
  • heavy and prolonged menstrual period;
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • bleeding (rarely occur);
  • appearance of white discharge on the glans penis.

It argued that ureaplasmosis in men and women often leads to infertility. This is not quite true. As we have said, infectious agents present in the microflora even completely healthy people, so the inability to become pregnant affects primarily the presence of inflammation. Prolonged uncontrolled multiplication ureaplasmas cause reproductive disorders, which can result in infertility really.

Ureaplasmosis during pregnancy

While carrying a child, when the protective barriers of the body greatly weakened, to the onset of infection is very small amount even ureaplasmas. They do not cause malformations in the baby, but can cause miscarriage, early birth, polyhydramnios and fetaplatsentarnoy failure that affects the normal development of the fetus, its supply of oxygen and nutrients. For this reason, ureaplasmosis whose symptoms during pregnancy is significantly more among the infections that require continuous monitoring and timely treatment. If you were able to identify the symptoms ureaplasmosis time, the expectant mother appointed safer drugs that reduce the amount of ureaplasmas carry and give birth to a healthy baby.

Infection of the fetus from the mother during gestation is very rare, because the baby is protected by the placenta. However, the number of newborns diagnosed with ureaplasmosis growing as during childbirth protective barriers are no longer active. Accordingly, ureaplasmosis treated during pregnancy is necessary before birth. Usually the course of antibiotic therapy is given during 2 terms.

Diagnosis of the disease

For an accurate diagnosis, doctors use a combination of several methods:

  • Bacteriology - accurately quantify ureaplasmas for which samples taken materials are placed in culture medium. Also, this method is used for the detection of pathogens sensitivity to certain drugs;
  • polirazmernaya chain reaction - operative diagnostic method to accurately determine ureaplasmosis women and men within 5 hours after taking the tests. The only drawback of this type of study is that it provides no information on the number of pathogens, and therefore not a basis for choosing a particular product;
  • serologic method - designed to detect antibodies to the antigens ureaplasmas. Used to determine the causes of early birth, infertility, complications during the postpartum period.

Treatment ureaplasmosis

 Tablets for treatment during pregnancy ureaplasmosis

If studies have found an increased number of pathogens in the body, ureaplasmosis men and women require treatment. A small amount of ureaplasmas not a basis for assigning treatment ureaplasmosis. The exceptions are women who are planning a pregnancy or have to bear a child.

Since the pathogens easily adapts to the action of various antibiotics, to find an effective means can be very difficult. To help in this can only bacterial study with definition of sensitivity of microorganisms to existing components of the drug. Usually experts use tetracyclines (doxycycline, tetracycline) and macrolides (vilprafen, clarithromycin, azithromycin). Virtually all antibiotics are strictly contraindicated during pregnancy. If the expectant mother is diagnosed ureaplasmosis treatment involves the appointment of a safe macrolides (erythromycin, Rovamycinum) and immunomodulators. Recent help strengthen the immune system, which is essential for the successful treatment of the infection.