Dermatophytes, ringworm, ringworm or trichophytosis - all these names one disease. The causative agent of this disease are fungi genus trihifiton. When trihofitii affects the skin, nails and hair. Disease vectors are animals and people, especially in children. It is noticed that the ringworm in humans infected by animal occurs in more severe.

The route of transmission of tinea contact-household, through the use of objects and things, colonization by fungi, as well as contact with sick animals. Susceptibility to ringworm in humans is increased by the presence of lesions on the surface of the skin, lowered immunity, and prolonged contact with the source of the disease, high humidity and other adverse factors. To combat excessive humidity effectively use a dehumidifier.

Types trihofitii

Depending on what type of pathogen contributed to the development of the disease, distinguish superficial and infiltrative-suppurative trichophytosis.

Surface ringworm infection occurs when anthroponotic dermafitami in contact with the sick person. Most often this type of disease occurs in young and middle-aged.

Infiltrative-suppurative ringworm appears as a result of human infection with zoonotic parasites, which is the owner of the animal. Here at risk people who work in agriculture, and by the nature of the service associated with the care of animals.

Symptoms surface trihofitii or ringworm

When the surface trihofitii affects smooth skin, scalp and nails. In place of the introduction of the pathogen appears roundish patches of red or pink. As the disease progresses, it becomes more and more spots.

A characteristic feature of rashes in humans by ringworm from other types of rashes is a cushion of crusts, nodules and cysts, outlining spots and slightly raised above the surface of the skin. Inside the spots the skin remains unchanged, but there may be peeling. Often, patients have itching in the lesions.

In cases where the fungus settles on the scalp, local lesions appear bald spots: hair thinning and break off. Nails in tinea fade, becoming dirty gray color, there is a thickening of the nail plate, which then begins to crumble.

Sometimes superficial ringworm becomes chronic. Mostly this occurs in those individuals who, during the acute course of the disease have not received the full course of a particular treatment. Chronic superficial trihofitii particularly prone to teenage girls. This itchy skin formed pockets of bluish hue with a slight peeling. On the head are visible small lesions with broken hair in them.

Despite the apparent unattractiveness, any harm to human body trichophytosis or ringworm do not bring.

Infiltrative-suppurative trichophytosis

 Infiltrative-suppurative trichophytosis

Pockets at the infiltrative-suppurative Trichophyton species may appear to smooth the skin and scalp. Often the disease is manifested in a mustache and beard.

In place of the introduction of the pathogen develop festering abscesses. Patients with marked deterioration of health, increased body temperature, increased the nearby lymph nodes, and the hair starts to fall out.

Foci of infection on the smooth skin and in areas of scalp are circular spots, tight and painful, with prominent follicles with purulent contents. Scarring left after the healing centers of ringworm on the scalp, promote the formation of pockets of complete baldness.

Groin ringworm

Special line among the diseases caused by fungi, ringworm is the groin. If normal trihofitii lesions can be on the surface of the skin of hands, feet or body, here, as the name implies, the disease develops in the groin area, affecting the anus, perineum, genitals and inner thighs. Patients report pain in these areas, as well as the appearance of rashes and flaking. Infection inguinal tinea occurs through contact-household: through the objects of common use, and by direct contact with an ill person.

Among the complaints are noted burning, itching, and redness in the crotch area. Intralesional raised rash appears red, the skin becomes dry, it begins to peel and crack.

Most often suffer from inguinal tinea men. The peak incidence occurs in the hottest time of the year.

Treatment trihofitii

Depending on the type of agent, severity and clinical manifestations of the disease or the treatment of ringworm Trichophyton may be performed as an outpatient basis or in hospital.

It should be remembered that, despite the availability of drugs, treatment for ringworm should appoint only an expert, as many antifungal drugs can adversely affect the liver.

 Treatment of mild trihofitii - antifungal ointment

Mild trihofitii is quite topical treatment of the lesions with ointments, has an antifungal effect. These include Lamisil, Mitseleks, Mikatin, clotrimazole, and a number of other drugs. Good results give a blur of alcohol tincture of iodine or sulfur-salicylic ointment. The duration of treatment of ringworm - one to two weeks for the prevention of recurrence of ointment used as early as one week after disappearance of all symptoms.

Antifungal agents for oral administration are appointed with deep lesions nails, skin and scalp. A good therapeutic effect have Griseofulvin and Nizoral. Daily intake of the drug is appropriate as long as the analysis on fungi will not be negative. Further drug initially applied every other day for two weeks and then twice a week for 14 more days.

In cases of infiltrative-suppurative form trihofitii or ringworm on the background of antifungal therapy are used lotion with silver nitrate solution or ihtiola.

If severely affected nail plate, they are subject to removal.

Prevention ringworm and relapse

Very important role in the prevention trihofitii assigned personal hygiene. Do not use other people's towels and bath accessories. When you visit saunas, steam baths, swimming pools, beaches, and other potentially dangerous in terms of contracting fungus places must use rubber slippers. Routine inspection of animal veterinarian will allow time to identify ringworm in pets.

If a person ringworm to prevent relapse of his belongings be washed in hot water and possibly disinfected. In the room where he lives, the processing is performed on all surfaces with disinfectant.