Brief description of the disease

 Infect people trichuriasis

Trichuriasis called pathogen Trichocephalus trichiurus (a name familiar to us - whipworm). Trichuriasis accompanied by neurotic phenomena and diarrhea syndrome. Usually, the diagnosis trichuriasis symptoms gradually progress for several years, reflecting the chronic course of the disease.

Sexually mature parasites inhabit the large intestine. Their front part, which is more than half of the total length of the body, greatly extended. The rear end, on the contrary, short and thick. Females whipworm lay between 100 and 3500 immature eggs per day. Once in the host organism, they concentrate in the intestine, where further develop into larvae. Recently introduced into the surface layers of the mucous membrane of the body and damage it, causing trichuriasis. Note also that the whipworm parasite only in the human body. The main source of power for it are the cells of the intestinal mucosa and the blood of the host.

Danger trichuriasis is that the life expectancy of its originators is 5-6 years. Throughout this period, the parasites damage the intestine that affects the operation of other systems and organs. In our country trichuriasis children and adults regularly detected in the areas of the Central Black Soil Region and the North Caucasus. By the way, the number of cases, this infection is second only to ascariasis.


Whipworm damage the intestinal mucosa. As a result of penetration wounds of the microbial flora and toxins, a person begin to develop inflammation. In addition, damage to the small blood vessels in the walls of the large and small intestines provoke anemia. The toxins that are released during the life of pathogens affect all organs and systems. Hardest trichuriasis affects the nervous system. For this reason, patients trihotsefaleze patients often have a variety of functional and neurological disorders, significantly reduce quality of life.

Symptoms trichuriasis and clinical picture

Trichuriasis Symptoms are varied. Their strength depends on the number of parasites and the state of the immune system of the carrier. Chronic diseases and comorbidities lead to the development of severe trichuriasis, and if this starts to develop trichuriasis treatment will inevitably be lengthy and will require several courses of therapy.

It should be noted that in some cases trichuriasis asymptomatic. This fact makes it difficult to diagnose the disease early, and provokes the development of severe complications.

If clinical symptoms trihotsefaleze patients often complain of various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, and the nervous system. Common complaints of patients are associated with:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • decreased appetite;
  • violations of the chair (usually there is a long, not passing diarrhea);
  • pain in the right iliac region, often reminiscent of cramping pain attacks of appendicitis.

As you can see, trichuriasis not have any distinct characteristic features. Its symptoms are similar to symptoms of many other infections, so an accurate diagnosis is necessary qualified laboratory research. This is quite an important point. On how soon be diagnosed depends on human health as uncontrolled diarrhea mixed with blood and mucus rapidly deteriorating state of health of the patient, and trichuriasis in children often leads to rectal prolapse. As the infection, patients start complaining and trichuriasis symptoms of the nervous system: headache, fainting, convulsions, irritability, sleep disturbances, increased aggression.

Diagnosis trichuriasis

Diagnosis trichuriasis involves laboratory analysis of feces for the presence of helminth eggs in it. Clusters of mature individuals can be found in normal sigmoidoscopy.

Treatment trichuriasis

When treating trichuriasis parasiticides used naftamon. The total dosage of the drug depends on the age and condition of the patient's immune system. In some cases, naftamon can be successfully replaced by metendazol, but in fact, and in another case it is necessary to monitor the effectiveness of courses and adjust the dosage of medication if there is no positive effect. Stool samples are taken at 2 and 4 weeks after starting treatment.

 Prevention trichuriasis

Prevention of illness

Trichuriasis Symptoms usually appear in people who live near the damp, dark places, human excrement crap. To prevent infection it is necessary:

  • protect the soil from fecal contamination;
  • strictly abide by the basic rules of personal hygiene;
  • before use thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables;
  • boil water taken from open reservoirs and wells.