Toxemia of pregnancy

New Life, which originated in the bowels of the mother's body - is not only the joy and anticipation, but also alien to the female body a foreign body, emit harmful substances. When injected into the bloodstream, they penetrate all organs and provoke the signs of intoxication. Such a condition in pregnant women has been called toxemia.

Predisposition to toxicosis during pregnancy is inherited from mother to daughter, and his true "culprits" are hormones. In terms of morning sickness can be divided into early and late. Toxicosis second half of pregnancy called preeclampsia more different.

Early toxicosis

Early morning sickness during pregnancy develops in the first 3-6 months after conception. During the first weeks of hormonal remains unchanged, so the woman does not feel discomfort. But the growth of the embryo leads to endocrine changes in the body, and a pregnant begins to experience all the "charms" of toxicity. She appeared complaints decreased appetite, change in taste, salivation, nausea and vomiting.

Gradually hormones stabilizes, and all the unpleasant symptoms disappear. If maturity early toxicosis is delayed, in most cases, it is said that a woman has problems with internal organs, particularly the kidneys. In the future, this state can not only lead to premature delivery, but also endangers the mother's life and the child's situation.

By the multiplicity of vomiting, the most characteristic feature of early toxicity during pregnancy, there are three degrees:

- Easy. Status women do not suffer. She has been a short-term fasting morning sickness. Vomiting can be from one to five times per day.

- Average. In this case, vomiting may occur even up to 10 times per day. Condition of the pregnant woman is getting worse, there are signs of dehydration: quickens the pulse, appears dry skin, decreased blood pressure.

- Heavy. Woman worried about excessive vomiting, frequency of which increases up to 20-25 times a day. There is a sharp deterioration, growing symptoms of dehydration, the body temperature rises to subfebrile figures, reduced weight. Vomiting with severe stage of early toxicity can cause even the slightest physical activity.

The most common first and second degree of toxicity. As a rule, much damage a woman's health, they are not applied, and after 12 weeks, all signs of early toxicity smoothly damped.

Late toxicosis, or preeclampsia

Late toxicosis on terms different from earlier that it comes after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and it just disappears after childbirth.

Preeclampsia is dangerous because in this disease disrupted the normal functioning of all organs and systems.

Toxicosis on terms after 20 weeks, begins gradually, with the external manifestations of it may not be so for a long time she did not realize that there were any health problems. Preeclampsia during pregnancy is much rarer, but the consequences of it can be much more dangerous.

This disease is a triad of symptoms: swelling, high blood pressure and protein in the urine. It is still unknown exactly what is the trigger for the development of severe complications of pregnancy. Among the precipitating factors experts called toxemia stressful situations, burdened obstetrical history, the age of the pregnant woman, a small break between pregnancies, excessive stretching of the uterus because of the largest fruit or polyhydramnios. But most of preeclampsia during pregnancy develops on the background of chronic diseases.

In cases where toxicosis develops in healthy women before, talk about "pure" preeclampsia. If there are any problems with health, such as a metabolic disorder, hypertension, liver or kidney disease, against which there is morning sickness, then they talk about the "combined" preeclampsia.

Depending on the symptoms of the disease and forms of manifestation there are four degrees of severity of preeclampsia:

 Edema - one of the signs of preeclampsia

- Swelling of pregnant women, which appear at the beginning of the development of preeclampsia. This happens because of violations of water-salt balance. Vascular walls become more permeable, and the liquid smoothly enters the tissue. Initially noticeable swelling prying eyes, then it becomes obvious. The woman observed abnormal weight gain in the urine can be detected protein.

- High blood pressure. Late toxicosis against the backdrop of swelling buds cease to function normally, so developing nephropathy and as a result, the pressure increases. Thus blood thickens which can lead to blood clots.

- Pre-eclampsia. For this stage of preeclampsia characterized by high pressure, protein in the urine and edema. Swelling is not limited to the hands, feet or face, but also on the placenta to the brain. As a result, the child lacks oxygen, and the woman has such signs of circulatory disorders of the CNS, such as nausea, vomiting, severe headache, "flies" in front of the eyes, vision problems. To avoid fetal hypoxia may be consuming oxygen cocktails. Get set for its preparation on

- Eclampsia. Status of women is deteriorating, has developed an attack of cramps accompanied by a loss of consciousness. When given the severity of gestosis increases the risk of placental abruption, preterm birth and fetal hypoxia. Possible death as a part of the mother due to a brain hemorrhage, acute disorders of the organs and systems, and on the part of the baby.

Treatment of early and late toxicosis

Treatment of early toxicosis comes to observing a healthy lifestyle, nutritious food and reasonable alternation of work and rest. Vomiting moderate and severe may require hospitalization. Treatment complex, with displays of early toxicity in pregnancy are successfully antihistamines means normalizing work of internal secretion, and affect the central nervous system drugs. Pregnancy at an early toxicosis shown only when the threat of a woman's life.

Get rid of preeclampsia is not possible, but it really reduce the risk of severe complications. Mild late toxicosis treatment can receive at home in other cases required hospital stay. Treatment is symptomatic, used antihypertensive and other drugs. When treatment failure pregnancy in order to preserve a woman's life is interrupted.

Prevention of toxicity

 Proper healthy diet - one of the factors preventing toxicity

Manifestations of early toxicity can be significantly mitigated if follow some simple rules:

- In the morning without getting out of bed, eat a couple of crackers, dried fruit or some stuff to drink some unsweetened tea.

- Eat a fractional, small portions. Food should be easily digestible, low-fat or spicy.

To prevent the development of preeclampsia in pregnancy need to keep drinking regime, to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food.

For any ailments should consult your doctor and strictly comply with these recommendations to them.