Cancer language

Brief description of the disease

 Symptoms of tongue cancer

This malignant tumor cancer languages ​​based on the squamous epithelium is squamous cell carcinoma. Benign tumors are usually not there.

Cancer is characterized by infiltration of language - congestion in the tissues of cancer cells with blood and lymph fluid. The fact that the language is in close proximity to the brain and major blood vessels makes the tumor (cancer of the tongue) is extremely dangerous.

Causes of tongue cancer

Among the causes of cancer, you can select one language, the most important reason - smoking. Tobacco smoke contains 196 compounds and 14 poisonous drugs. The products of combustion are carcinogenic and can cause not only cancer of the tongue, but also lung cancer, larynx, esophagus, etc. Even if you have not smoked a day and pack the floor, you still are at risk.

Other causes of cancer Language:

  • Mechanical injury mucosa can also cause the development of cancer of the language. These can be various types of cuts and frequent biting.
  • To these thermal and chemical burns on the tongue mucosa should be treated carefully, checking for the presence of language seals, white and red spots.
  •   Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

According to statistics, tongue cancer in men is found in 7 times more often than women. That's why men need to closely monitor all the changes in the body that, perhaps, are the symptoms of cancer of the tongue.

Symptoms of tongue cancer

The primary symptoms of tongue cancer usually go unnoticed. The primary symptoms of tongue cancer include:

  • White spots (often mistaken for an ordinary plaque), redness and pain in the area of ​​language.
  •   Sealing language (preferably on the side).
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes under the jaw.

If symptoms of tongue cancer patient went unheeded, the further development of the disease would entail:

  • The resulting infiltration soon disintegrates, causing, to put it mildly, bad breath. Moreover, decomposition products that hit the blood, cause intoxication of the patient.
  • The ulcers that appeared on the site of the collapse of the infiltration, can bleed and cause pain.
  • The fact that most of the people at the first sign of cancer of language do not apply to the dentist and oncologist, leads to what is imperceptible at first glance the tumor begins to grow. It penetrates deep into the language, depriving him of the possibility to move normally. During this period there is a change in speech, violation of diction.

Cancer Treatment Language

Cancer Treatment language does not differ from the treatment of other cancers: the same three methods of treatment are used. Depending on the stage of development of tongue cancer, tumor size and general condition of the patient's physicians prescribe either one of these methods, or a combination thereof.

  • radiation therapy. For the 1st and 2nd stages of tongue cancer is applicable contact gamma therapy, the radiation source is located at a distance of 3-6 cm from the surface of the patient's body. Remote gamma-therapy is used for the 3rd and 4th stages. The special cell tumor is subjected radiation, which leads to its destruction. But it is necessary to remember that along with the cancer cells die and healthy cells, so one of the side effects of radiotherapy - burned face.
  • Cancer treatment involves surgically tongue cut oral tissue, preventing to approach the site of inflammation. Such measures are taken only when the cancer tumor tongue extended to the bottom of the oral cavity. For the treatment of tongue cancer is characterized by partial / complete removal of the tongue and the bottom of the sky. Surgical intervention is allowed only when a localized tumor, do not germinate in neighboring organs.
  • Chemotherapy is designed to suppress cancer cells corrosive chemical action of drugs administered intravenously. Chemotherapy is very effective as a stand alone method of combating cancer of the tongue, or in combination with radiotherapy. Effects of chemotherapy can be impaired renal function, bladder and nervous system.

 Propolis - an effective tool for the treatment of tongue cancer

Cancer treatment may language and often it is successful and without complications. The question is only at the stage of tongue cancer, in general well-being of the patient and in the hope of a cure.

For the most part, cancer patients fully recover, so the outlook tongue cancer can be very beneficial. After proper and timely treatment of tongue cancer returned to normal life, about 80% of the people; cancer language 3rd and 4th degree complete recovery occurs in 35% of patients.