General information about the disease

Toksokaroz refers to a group of helminth diseases caused toxocara - a parasite that is very similar to normal human roundworm. The diameter of the larvae toxocara is 0, 02 mm. At the moment, experts know two of its kind:

  • tohosara mystax - worms felines;
  • tocsocara canis - affects dogs and other canines (wolves, foxes, foxes).

People get sick in toxocariasis mainly from dogs. According to the Ministry of Health of Russia, toxocariasis in children diagnosed in every child 2-3. In the US, the incidence is much lower, but there each year, 800-1000 newly infected people.

Sources of infection

 The human eye with the disease taskorozom

Just note that people are only carriers of toxocariasis. Infected by a sick person can not be toxocariasis, because toxocara our body - it is not a typical habitat, and because they can not reach the sexually mature state. Dogs - is another matter. Their bodies toxocariasis develops on the "full extent", and the external environment does not just pathogens with faeces, but also to animal dander. Studies conducted in several Russian cities showed that parasite eggs found in 10-30% of soil samples taken in the streets, in yards and parks.

As toxocara enter the body?

If some animals are often observed in utero and transmammarny (mother's milk) way of infection, the toxocariasis in humans manifests itself under the influence of external factors only. You can become infected through food, animal hair, dirty water and dirty hands. The main peak of incidence toksokorozom is in the summer, but, in general, new patients are identified throughout the year. Increasing the number of patients on hot days due to the fact that during this period in the soil, and hence falls into the food maximum number of eggs.

At particular risk are children, often playing in the sand, veterinarians, salespeople vegetable stores, hunters and breeders, owners of the plots.

Symptoms of the disease toxocariasis

In humans, the parasites migrate periodically from one organ systems other. As a result, if the diagnosis of toxocariasis treatment of the patient was conducted, or whether he tried to get rid of worms using only folk remedies, the disease takes a long toxocariasis, recurrent nature. Clinical symptoms toxocarosis depend on the host immune system carrier, the intensity of infection and disease forms. On the forms necessary to stop in more detail.

Skin toxocariasis seen all sorts of allergic skin reactions, edema, eczema, redness and itching in places where larvae.

Visceral form of toxocariasis develops when the body has accumulated a large number of parasites. As a rule, more is revealed visceral toxocariasis in children, due to immune deficient child. The main symptoms of toxocariasis are:

  • abdominal syndrome (abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting);
  • relapsing fever;
  • shortness of breath, coughing, difficult breathing and other problems associated with dysfunction of the respiratory system;
  • enlarged liver;
  • lymphadenopathy.

The neurological form of toxocariasis is diagnosed if toxocara penetrate the brain. This fact is evidenced by the following symptoms of toxocariasis:

  • impaired attention;
  • hyperactivity;
  • difficulty in reading;
  • Other neurological symptoms.

Toxocariasis in humans - consequences, and the myth about the effectiveness of self-

Let's say a few words about the consequences of infection. Toxocariasis, treatment is started too late, resulting in tissue injury, hemorrhage, necrosis, inflammatory changes. With the defeat of the optic nerve may develop unilateral blindness. In addition, toxocariasis often provokes the formation of multiple granulomas in vital organs and systems.

As for the national treatment of toxocariasis and statements that toxocara still die alone and therefore can be safely self-medicate. In humans, the parasites, of course, die, but they still manage to cause substantial harm. Consequently, the diagnosis toxocariasis folk remedies should be used only as a supplement to the basic treatment. Otherwise, you risk to face the various complications of infection, which significantly affect the quality of life.

Treatment toksokoroza

 Drug for the treatment toskaroza

In the treatment of toxocariasis drugs of choice are thiabendazole, mebendazole and medamin. They are quite effective in terms of destruction of migratory birds, but practically not affect the larvae which are granulomas viscera. With the latest fighting albendazole, however, the drug has a strong hepatotoxic and because it can be taken only after consultation with your doctor. Ocular toxocariasis in children and adults treated with subconjunctival injection depomedrola. In some cases the experts shall decide on the need for surgery.

Toksokaroz - folk remedies that are used in the course of treatment

Again, pay attention to the fact that the national treatment of toxocariasis is used solely to facilitate the patient's condition and is not able to eliminate the cause of infection. The most widely used the following recipes:

  • Boil a head of garlic in milk and use the resulting mixture for cleansing enemas. The course of treatment lasts for about a week;
  • 1 tbsp. spoon tansy flowers poured boiling water, boil for 10-15 minutes and filtered. We introduce a decoction enema 1 per day. Please note only that this tool is not necessary if toksokoroz develops in children;
  • Pour 3 tbsp. spoons of flowers and leaves of tansy cup of boiling water. Insist the mixture in an hour. It takes the medication 3-4 times a day for 1 st. spoon;
  • Mix 1 tbsp. spoon the seeds with honey and tarragon Eat this mass between meals.