Brief description of the disease

 Pork tapeworm - intestinal worms causing illness teniasis
 Teniasis - an infectious disease that is caused by intestinal worms Taenia saginata or Taenia solium. These parasites and the effects of their activities known to mankind has been for many centuries, however, as is the case with many other infectious diseases, effective treatments teniasis appeared relatively recently.

Through regular preventive measures, the spread of teniasis able to control virtually all parts of the world. Exceptions to the rule are the North China, Africa, some countries in South America and India. This is due to the fact that teniasis, diagnosis is difficult in poor countries because of the low development of medicine, appears after eating meat of domestic pigs and wild boars, and they are often the only source of food for local people. However, regular infections recorded in relatively prosperous regions. In our country teniasis often found in the Krasnoyarsk region and the regions bordering with Ukraine and Belarus.

It should be noted that the definitive host teniasis are only people. Pigs also serve as a temporary carrier after eating the feed and waste contaminated with helminth eggs. The greatest danger is the meat not passed veterinary inspection or cooked with violations of sanitary rules and technologies of heat treatment.

What happens when worms enter the human body?

Teniasis caused by pork tapeworm .  They have a length of 1, 5-2 m .  Along the body of parasites are located hundreds of segments, which play an important role in the life and breeding worms .  We have already mentioned how there teniasis (begin to develop symptoms after eating pork) .  Now a closer look at the activities of worms .  Their eggs are destroyed in the human stomach by the action of acid environment, whereupon parasites enter the bloodstream through the wall of the organ and spread throughout the body .  Their greatest accumulation is observed in the intramuscular connective tissue .  Here are transformed into cysticercus larvae and then into full-fledged adults .  Recent penetrate into the intestine, are attached to the intestinal mucosa and starts to grow, reaching maturity approximately 2-2, 5 months .  At the same time they cause multiple toxic - allergic reactions, irritate the inner surface of its suckers and absorb large amounts of nutrients, was originally intended host, that is - an infected person teniasis .  If any doubt about the taeniasis treatment should begin in the shortest possible time, because the permanent poisoning toxins leads to nervous disorders and other serious complications .

Teniasis - symptoms

Patients with the following symptoms teniasis:

  • intestinal disorders;
  • weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • recurrent headaches;
  • sleep disorders;
  • stomach ache

Often accompanied by hypochromic anemia taeniasis and cysticercosis of the brain, which partly explains the common neurological symptoms.

Diagnosis teniasis

Diagnosis teniasis conducted on the basis of stool samples of potential patients. The task of experts in the diagnosis teniasis is to identify segments of the pork tapeworm, which sometimes turns into quite a serious problem, because the parasites are inactive and can be a long time does not show its presence.

Treatment teniasis

 Tablets used to treat teniasis

During treatment teniasis used pumpkin seeds and extract the male fern. Medications are used as follows: 2-3 days prior to taking the drugs the patient is given only digestible food, and the day before - saline laxative. On the day of treatment a person receives teniasis fern extract or pumpkin seeds, 3 hours - again, a laxative, an hour later - a light breakfast. The dose of drug is selected based on the age and weight of the patient's body.

In recent years, the diagnosis of taeniasis treatment often involves the use of or fenasala Vermoxum. In the case of the latter drug is not required to follow the diet and the use of any laxative, which determines its wide distribution and phasing out outdated techniques.

Prevention teniasis

The most important rule in the prevention teniasis: you need only buy products in specially equipped points of sale. Spontaneous markets, and especially the spread of meat with hand to those not related. Observe and other basic safety precautions:

  • check mark on the meat and the veterinary certificate;
  • well boiled or roasted meat, as taeniasis, or rather its originators, and saved for short periods of high temperatures;
  • do not try the raw beef and other meat products.