Inflammation in the tissue through which the muscles are attached to the bone, called tendinitis. In most cases, the disease occurs at the point of contact between the tendon and bone, but in some instances tendonitis develops along the tendon. Before the disease are all, regardless of gender, age and profession. Yet there is a category of people who become ill tendinitis more often than others. These include people older than 40 years due to age-related changes in the tendons and those who engaged in exercise or physical labor due to frequent load on the same zone.

Inflammation can occur almost anywhere where there is a tendon. Often there tendinitis base of the thumb hands, shoulder, elbow, knee and hip joints, as well as Achilles tendon. In children and adolescents the most frequent knee tendinitis.

Causes of tendinitis

The most common causes of tendinitis are:

- Significant physical activity on the joint over a long period of time. Tendinitis of the shoulder joint often occurs in tennis, the kernel or the hammer throwers, painters, gardeners and farmers;

- Injury;

- Infections caused by bacteria, such as gonorrhea;

- The presence of rheumatic diseases (gout or arthritis);

- An allergic reaction to drugs;

- Anatomical structure of the body. Different length of limbs promotes tendinitis of the knee;

- Weakened tendon or misuse of their development;

- Failure to comply with the correct posture.

Symptoms of tendinitis

The most prominent symptoms of tendonitis include pain and limited mobility. Pain at the site of inflammation and the surrounding areas are not resistant long pass. The pain may appear suddenly, but sometimes pain increases with as enhanced inflammation. There is increased sensitivity to palpation of the affected tendon.

Also among the symptoms of tendinitis notes audible squeaking sound in the distance, which is formed during the movement the patient limb. Over the tendon may experience redness and hyperthermia. The disease is complicated by the deposition of calcium in the joints, which tends to weaken the joint capsule and tendon.

With tendinitis of the shoulder joint is reduced shoulder mobility and reduced range of motion. The pain is not a passive state. One of the warning signs of tendinitis are growing at the night pain, which can cause sleep disorders, not only because of the severity, but also forced body position.

Difficulty in walking, running, lifting, or walking down the stairs experiencing patients with knee tendinitis. Problems with the retention of objects in their hands and performing the various actions occur in inflammation of the tendons in the forearm.

Treatment of tendinitis

 Anti-inflammatory drugs - a mandatory element of the treatment of tendinitis
 First of all when tendinitis is necessary to ensure complete rest. For these purposes are like crutches or a cane in lesions of the lower extremities, and dressing, bus or splints are necessary for tendinitis of the shoulder joint, a bandage on the elbow. Also appointed anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, ointment can be used locally to the same effect.

A good effect in the treatment of tendinitis give injections of corticosteroids directly into the lesion. With their help, quickly eliminates pain, and there is the attenuation of inflammation. As a supplement to the basic treatment has been used successfully physiotherapy.

With the ineffectiveness of severe inflammation or an antibiotic is prescribed. In the most extreme cases, surgery is necessary.

Keep in mind that the treatment of tendinitis bring the desired effect only if the patient will comply with recommendations for the rest of the affected limb. Conservation of previous rhythm of work will provoke further development of the disease.

Prevention of tendinitis

Prevent the occurrence of tendinitis is much easier than later to treat it. No matter what kind of exercise coming before the start of their necessary to workout.

When the rate of load of physical activity should be increased gradually, it is not recommended to work at the limit of their strength. If you have any signs of pain should change employment or to arrange a vacation. If pain when performing any actions continue to emerge, it is better not to go back to them later.

For the prevention of tendonitis of the shoulder joint is desirable to avoid work performed hands up. If the profession is obliged to do it, but you need to periodically give a complete rest upper extremities.

In most cases, you can avoid tendinitis, refraining from performing a long-time repetitive movements of the same joint.