Drug abuse

Brief description of the disease

 Drug abuse

Substance abuse - it is inhalation of volatile drugs. Substance abuse is a type of drug abuse and addiction and causes serious disturbances in the human body. Suffering from this disease are mainly children and teenagers from 8 to 15 years. Addicts use plastic bags for the inhalation of vapors of various toxic substances.

When a person has a substance abuse weak euphoria, after a short period of time consciousness becomes cloudy, a person loses orientation begins nausea. Severe toxic substances can cause delusions and hallucinations, loss of self-control, impaired thinking. At very high doses can appear seizures, a person may fall into a coma or die. Addicts use different varnishes, adhesives, household chemical inhalation. All these substances are toxic to the human body.

Diagnose and substance abuse on the sunken red eyes, runny nose does not pass, bronchitis. We addicts stop personal development, there are disturbances in the mind, there is a distortion of it.

Types of abuse


At long reception tranquilizers flying dependence on them. Dependence on tranquilizers - a form of substance abuse. If a person with such dependence makes the break in reception of tranquilizers, it leads to insomnia, nightmares, constant anxiety and undue anxiety. May exhibit muscle spasms, possible seizures, acute psychosis.


Coffee - a very common product in many parts of the world, but this kind of substance abuse as kofenizm quite rare. When a person drinks kofenizme to 10, and even more cups of coffee a day, and sometimes can and eat the so-called "coffee jelly."


Often there is abuse chifir - a decoction of very strong tea. At first, it increases performance, the person feels a surge of strength and vigor. Abuse chifir leads to depletion, cardiac arrhythmia, chronic gastritis, emotional instability.


Smoking is also one of the types of substance abuse. Tobacco smoke contains some 30 substances harmful to the human body. This nicotine, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, etc. The most dangerous substance for the human body is nicotine. In large doses, it inhibits the nerve cells, paralyzes the action of the central nervous system. Men nicotine promotes impotence.

In addition, smoking is directly harmful to the respiratory system. Contribute to the emergence of chronic bronchitis, causes spasms of blood vessels of the heart. Under the action of nicotine in smokers occurs excessive gastric secretion, and this, in turn, may cause nausea, and as a result - vomiting.

Adolescent substance abuse

Recently teen substance abuse was fairly widespread. Often, you can meet on the street teenager Service in the hands of mainstream pair of toxic substances. The average age of young addicts - 8-15 years. Teenage substance abuse is often seen in large quantities. It can be a group of 2 or more people. Substance abuse are children from disadvantaged and low-income families.

Toxic substances has an extremely detrimental effect on the child's body. Externally, redness of the face and the gray color of nasolabial triangle. Pupils dilated teenager, hands are shaking, gait becomes shaky, disturbed coordination of movements.

In order to help a teenager get rid of the addiction, it must first be isolated from the troubled company. In many cases, this is enough. But when the relationship has already been formed, it requires a psychologist and psychiatrist.

Consequences of Substance Abuse

The consequences of abuse may manifest themselves in different ways. Depending on how much time a person poison your body in this way. At first, it's a pain in muscles, nausea, cramps, headaches, insomnia. On the psychological level of depression is stronger, than any unconditioned aggression, anger, irritability, a person becomes hard to control yourself.

But after a few months, sniffers can start destroyed the internal organs, diagnose cirrhosis, an irreversible destruction may be subject and the brain. It is highly probable that after 2 years of drug abuser may become invalid. Frequent narcotics overdose lead to dementia.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Treatment for substance abuse can be carried out only in a hospital.

 Substance Abuse Treatment

It is necessary to restore the disturbed somatic functions to suppress the psychic dependence on substance abuse, to normalize the patient's mental state.

Patients underwent detoxification of the body, infused intravenously glucose prescribe diuretics, vitamins. To eliminate depression in a patient, he prescribed drugs parazidol or amitriptyline.

Since substance abuse - a kind of addiction, in which remove the break-up at home is quite real, it is required to put addicts on record in drug abuse clinic, where after the treatment for them to continue monitoring.