Brief description of the disease

The very name of the disease "torticollis" says about the nature of disease, which is the deformation of the neck and head position setting incorrect. In the structure of congenital defects of the musculoskeletal system torticollis in newborns it ranked third, behind only deformity and hip dislocation.

Causes of torticollis

 Spasmodic torticollis

Causes of congenital torticollis are: presence of chronic diseases in the mother and the specific position of the fetus during gestation. Acquired torticollis newborn child occurs after birth trauma, diseases of the peripheral nervous system or burns.

The main precipitating factor in the pathology of confinement, during which often occurs rotator cuff injury, cervical vertebrae and neck. As a result, the child's brain blood circulation, muscle spasms and severe muscle pain. To adapt to such conditions, the baby's head takes the specific situation and then curvature of the cervical spine. If time does not take care of adequate treatment, spasmodic torticollis in newborns leads to a redistribution of the load on the bone tissue, a change in the cervical vertebrae, lower amortization function of the spine.

Consequences of torticollis

Since torticollis associated with disruption of normal circulation, children can develop the asymmetry of the face and skull. In addition, under the influence of adverse changes in the child begins to suffer from dystonia neurocirculatory and vertebral-basilar disease. He also has deteriorating eyesight. In advanced cases of torticollis in infants leads to hydrocephalus and early neurological pathologies.

Take all necessary measures for the treatment of the baby should be, because over time it will begin to sit down and go, and it will increase the load on the cervical vertebrae and exacerbate the decline in amortization function of the spine. Untreated torticollis provokes change in the shape of the spine and the emergence of diseases such as kyphosis or scoliosis.

With regard to the optimal time Leche, the best age for treatment and recovery procedures is the period up to 6-7 months. This is due to the fact that during the first months of life, the cervical vertebrae just beginning to emerge, and because they are easy to manipulate to achieve a positive result. Note also that it is desirable to get rid of torticollis to maturation of the nervous system, the development of speech and vision, that is, again, up to 6 months of age.

Dear parents, it's all we're talking to you understand - do not wait for a miracle and lose precious time. Krivosheya newborn never pass itself, but the muscles can easily lose their elasticity, and then the only available treatment is their operational dissection. Bring to not worth it, because the anesthesia, post-operative scars and cosmetic defects will not bring any benefit to your child.

Torticollis - treatment of the disease

 Treatment for torticollis

Treatment and recovery procedures begin immediately after an accurate diagnosis. Typically, in the early days of the little patient is prescribed a course of physical therapy - 20 sessions with eletroforeza ronidazoy or Lydasum, and then another two courses every 1, 5 months.

Along with physical therapy performed corrective gymnastics. The gist of it is that the child as often as possible to change the position of the head. To do this, it spread to the stomach, offering baby rattles from different angles and changing the position of the head in bed. The main task - to activate the motion of the cervical, torticollis is not fixed to the muscles. To the same end, a restorative massage the patient side of the face, but remember that you can not avoid stretching sore muscles because of the risk of rumen process.

If a child is diagnosed launched torticollis, treatment often is based on surgery. 3 shows the operation with age and is usually carried out without any complications.

In recent years, local clinics are increasingly apply the latest modern techniques of treatment of torticollis. These include, for example, kinesiology. It implies a softer, sparing procedure rather than manipulation, and therefore received a fairly large spread. Also kinesiology, doctors use hirudotherapy and reflexology, which are perfectly tolerated even the youngest children.

Despite advances in the treatment of torticollis, we want to reiterate - the only right decision parents will be timely treatment to the doctor, because any unpleasant consequences is easier to prevent than to treat.