Snoring is the harsh sound produced nasopharynx sleeping man. This phenomenon has a medical name - ronchopathy. Snoring is so common that sometimes is not considered a pathology, but annoying to others, and is the subject of jokes, and sometimes quarrels.  Narrowing of the throat - the cause of snoring

Nevertheless, this pathology, although no disease. By itself, snoring is not too dangerous, the main danger is that it can be a symptom of the terrible disease - night apnea.

Snoring Causes

The cause of snoring is the narrowing of the throat or as a result of disease or as a result of weakening of the muscle wall, or because of congenital anatomical features. The most common cause of snoring in children and young people, it is an inflammatory nasal congestion, usually produced during infection. Snoring in young children it can be caused by enlarged adenoids.

In elderly people the main cause of snoring is age weakening of muscle tone. Other causes of snoring are obesity, a deviated septum, a long uvula.

Another group of causes of snoring, it's functional, transient changes. For example, a decrease in muscle tone the throat can be caused by alcohol or fatigue.

When snoring is dangerous

Speaking that snoring can be dangerous, we primarily mean a danger for the patient. However, it should take into account that snoring can bear some, if not deadly, danger to others, often for a permanent partner in the bedroom. Quite often, a snoring partner, a man sleeping next to him constantly, eventually begins to suffer hearing loss, and one-sided, expressed on the other side, where there is usually asleep snoring. Sometimes snoring partner can lead to insomnia, though, as a rule, over time, adapts, and a permanent partner in the dream does not see snoring.

Therefore, treatment of snoring is desirable even when this condition is considered to be harmless. But there is another condition exhibited by snoring, and it requires the compulsory medical intervention, because it could pose a threat to life. It is about sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where the flow of air into the lungs is stopped completely.

The disease, in which at night, spontaneously comes a condition called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, abbreviated OSA. If a person snores loudly, but sometimes snoring is interrupted, there is complete silence, followed by a very loud and sharp snore resumption of breathing, it is the manifestation of symptoms of sleep apnea. This cessation of breathing and cause a sharp resumption of its strong jump in blood pressure and heart disorder. In severe cases, the expense of such stops can go to hundreds per night.

How to stop snoring

Somehow society has developed a strong opinion that the question of how to stop snoring, one answer - after all, this is not possible. In fact this is not true, simply because of the prevalence of the problem, it is perhaps the norm, and therefore even attempts to treat snoring is taken.

There are medical, surgical and physiotherapy treatment of snoring. It is directed at addressing the causes of snoring and the restoration of normal position nasopharyngeal tissues during sleep.

Surgical treatment for snoring is used when there is anatomical obstruction normal breathing during sleep. It deviated septum, polyps growths, adenoids or tonsils, uvula too long, etc.

When snoring caused by a decrease in muscle tone, efficient laser or cryotherapy on the soft tissues. This low-impact bloodless intervention causes the muscle wall and mucosal tissues "catch up."

Drug treatment of snoring is used when the main cause of snoring is nasal inflammation. In this case, the therapy of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs to restore the normal state of the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose and throat.

If the patient is obese, snoring treatment is normalizing weight. In this case, the narrowed lumen of the nasopharynx because of fat, so their removal would lead to normalization of the breath.

Folk remedies for snoring

 Anti-snoring pillow for the treatment of snoring

There are many folk remedies for snoring, some of them are very effective. So, a good remedy for snoring is singing. Singing strengthens the muscles of the throat, they tones, tightens, and snoring disappears. Songs as a remedy for snoring help in cases where the cause of snoring is the age-related decline in muscle tone. To achieve the therapeutic effect of the singing should be a regular, daily, at least half an hour a day.

One of the most popular folk remedies for snoring - burying the nose before bedtime sea buckthorn oil. It can be very effective in the event that snoring is caused by chronic inflammation in the nasopharynx. Sea buckthorn oil has healing effects, the recovery of damaged tissue and blood circulation in them. When recovering mucosa and eliminating snoring edema caused by inflammation goes away.

So the question is how to stop snoring, has many solutions. In order to find out what means of snoring fit in your case, you should consult your doctor.