Brief description of the disease

 Shingles from an infected person

Shingles refers to a group of acute infectious diseases. Shingles affects the peripheral nerves in some areas of the skin, which leads to intoxication, inflammation of the posterior roots of the spinal cord and the emergence of bubble rash. As a rule, suffer from this infection adults and children aged 10 years and shingles develops only those persons who have had chicken pox. Race, gender and seasonal factors do not affect the appearance and progression of the disease.

Causes of shingles

The causative agent of shingles - the varicella zoster virus - affects the intervertebral ganglia and dorsal roots of the spinal cord. The risk group includes people who:

  • is exposed, weaken the immune system (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, HIV infection);
  • often overworked and under constant psychological pressure;
  • suffer from cancer;
  • They are old and pay little attention to their health.

All of these factors can cause shingles, symptoms of which occur as a result of activation of latent varicella-zoster virus. For many years, shingles can not have any clinical symptoms, but the coincidence of adverse factors caused him to wake up.

Symptoms of shingles

There are four groups of symptoms of herpes zoster: pain, sensitivity disorders, general intoxication and cutaneous manifestations.

The most common disorder of sensitivity with shingles observed in lesions and sores healed, but can also occur in healthy areas of the skin. The signs of intoxication include:

  • weakness;
  • decreased appetite;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • temperature rise;
  • loss of body weight.

Pain is there for a few days until bubbly rash. They are worse at night or under the influence of any external stimuli (cold, heat, touch). When the diagnosis of herpes zoster pain localized along the nerves and can vary from mild to unbearable. In some cases, patients with herpes zoster note the presence of a severe headache, which is enhanced by changing the position of the head.

Skin manifestations of shingles also localized along the nerve. They have the form of small red spots of various shapes or of small bubbles surrounded by a rim of dark red color. These blisters are filled with clear content and tested in a few weeks, leaving only the dried crust. If a person is found running herpes zoster, treatment of cutaneous manifestations may last longer than usual, because the inflammation often affects the deeper layers of the skin, it penetrates into the dermis. In such cases, the bubbles also cured completely, but leave deep scars. Regarding localization rash, the majority of patients, it appears throughout the body, just as varicella.

Possible complications of shingles

In severe clinical course, and inadequate treatment of shingles can lead to severe complications. The most common ones:

  • paralysis, manifested as a result of the defeat of the motor nerve branches;
  • pneumonia, duodenal ulcer, bladder;
  • eye injuries of varying severity;
  • facial paralysis and facial skewed to one side.

Because of the risk of complications, doctors urge patients to abandon the self and time to seek help in institutions. If patients use solely folk remedies, shingles will never go completely and significantly worsen the quality of life.

Treatment of shingles

 Acyclovir tablets used to treat herpes zoster

The main activities are aimed at the destruction of the herpes virus and reducing the intensity of pain. As a rule, health workers used antivirals (metisazon, acyclovir, valacyclovir, famciclovir). For pain relief used ganglioplegic (pyrylium, gangleron). Note that severe pain may persist even after the disappearance of the rash and the end of treatment, so at discharge from the hospital the patient is advised analgesics (aspirin, analgin, paracetamol, indomethacin). If diagnosed severe launched shingles treatment involves receiving anticonvulsants and gamma-aminobutyric acid.

People's treatment of herpes zoster

Once again I want to note that national treatment of herpes zoster is a supplement to the basic treatment procedures and no other. Otherwise, get a lot of patients at risk of serious complications, including paralysis and distortion of facial features.

To relieve pain and itching with herpes Lesch traditional folk remedies, the following:

  • bathing in sour or salty water;
  • lubrication of damaged skin oil of bitter almonds;
  • packs of bread mixed with salt, which are applied to the body 1-2 times a day for 20-30 minutes;
  • well help with shingles folk remedies from the leaves of burdock, or fresh juice of this plant. Please note only that before you make a poultice, the leaves need to pour boiling water and infuse for 12 hours. Instead, burdock can be used fresh grass toadflax, cooked with milk and mixed with butter in a ratio of 1: 1.