Serozotsele - this accumulation of serous fluid in the cavities. Serozotsele  Serozotsele - this accumulation of serous fluid in the cavities
 in the broadest sense can be in any part of the abdominal or other cavity. Currently, the term usually understand serozotsele benign fluid in the pelvic area. The emergence of such a peritoneal cystic neoplasms may be due to the transferred operative treatment, acute inflammation of the uterus, pelvilperitonitom, endometriosis. Serozotsele has a round or oval shape. Its diameter is usually from 1 to 25 cm. The consistency turgor neoplasm can be determined during diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Most tugoelastichnaya consistency. Serozotsele may be mono or multi-chamber, that is to have one or more cavities. The walls of Education presented spaykami.Polost serozotsele filled opalescent yellowish liquid. The liquid volume may reach 500-100 ml.

Symptoms serozotsele

Serozotsele is one difficult diagnosed pelvic tumors .  Symptoms serozotsele malospetsifichny .  Complaints distinguish serozotsele, ovarian tumors and ovarian cysts is almost impossible .  This formation can be almost asymptomatic and can lead to chronic pelvic pain syndrome .  The patient can be confusing pain in the back, waist, abdomen, that worry every day, worse after exposure to cold, physical work, stress .  Frequently observed phenomenon of dysmenorrhea - painful menstruation, accompanied by a decrease in disability .  There may also be pain during sexual intercourse with a deep introduction of the penis into the vagina .  The intensity of pain can be so severe that many patients are forced to give up sexual relations .  In general, constant pain deplete the nervous system, reduction of immunity, disability .  In order to clarify the diagnosis, appointed by the instrumental methods of examination .  Ultrasound examination of small pelvis serozotsele quite informative .  Characteristically the absence of a clear capsule, irregular contours of a cystic structure in the visualization by ultrasound .  Repeated ultrasound can be a significant change in the form of education, which is also a symptom of serozotsele .  If the diagnosis is difficult, sometimes it is necessary to carry out diagnostic interventions - laparoscopy, ie examination of the pelvic cavity by means inserted through punctures special laparoscopic equipment .  Technical difficulties may be related to the presence of adhesions in the abdominal cavity .

Treatment serozotsele

If symptoms serozotsele no, do not bother the patient of pain in the pelvic area, the treatment is not required .  In this case, regular monitoring at the gynecologist .  Usually once every six months repeated ultrasound of the pelvic organs .  If there is a marked increase in serozotsele or chronic pelvic pain syndrome, it is likely to need surgery .  Minimum surgery is a needle biopsy serozotsele .  Under ultrasound, the doctor inserts a needle into the cavity formation and removes the liquid contained therein .  Thereby instantly reduced compression of surrounding tissue, and hence pain disappears .  Puncture should be repeated during the second cluster of fluid .  Content serozotsele examined in the laboratory .  With the help of immunoassay and bacteriological crop is defined as the bacterial flora of the definition of sensitivity  Diagnosis serozotsele
   to antibiotics and viral, fungal infection, chronic urogenital infection and antibodies to mycoplasma Tuberculosis .  In identifying the causative agent is assigned to specific treatment .  The other women after a puncture serozotsele shows anti-inflammatory therapy .  There may be more extensive surgery if indicated, to create a permanent drain region serozotsele or remove pelvic adhesions .  Conservative treatment serozotsele may be imposed as an alternative to the gynecologist operational methods .  The therapy is based on the use of anti-inflammatory, protivospaechnyh drugs and physiotherapy .  For anti-inflammatory effect are assigned non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of injections, suppositories or tablets .  For conservative treatment of adhesions in the pelvis using enzymatic means - hyaluronidase and other .  From physical therapy is usually chosen electrical stimulation, magnetic therapy and phonophoresis .

Serozotsele Treatment folk remedies

Sometimes patients have resorted to methods of alternative medicine. Treatment serozotsele folk remedies usually ineffective. It is possible to combine the treating physician and alternative therapies. So widely used treatment decoction of the root Bergenia for four weeks. The broth is made from 50-100 g of vegetable raw materials, brewed, and then used for irrigation and inside. Perhaps the use of tincture of the root to Maria's food inside three times a day for a month. Another herb to treat serozotsele - herb Morinda limononosnaya. It can be used in the form of infusions, and in the form of powder inside. Treatment of folk remedies serozotsele includes hirudotherapy, ie the use of medicinal leeches. Procedures girudoterapii reappointed courses several times a year.

Serozotsele and pregnancy

Combining serozotsele pregnancy and require particularly careful consideration obstetrician-gynecologist .  Serozotsele large can lead to compression of the pelvic organs, disrupt the blood supply to the ovaries, uterus, tubes .  Sometimes that education can become a cause of infertility .  In this case, surgical treatment .  If the pregnancy has already occurred, it serozotsele large size can cause severe pain and, sometimes, compression of the pregnant uterus and lead to complications during pregnancy .  In this case, the core biopsy may formation to reduce its volume .  First detected during pregnancy it can be punctured serozotsele also for diagnostic purposes (including the exclusion of infection in the pelvis) .  Small serozotsele are not a contraindication for pregnancy and carrying out the procedure of in vitro fertilization and embryo implantation .