Brief description of the disease

 Symptoms of scabies ailing man

Scabies in humans - is a contagious parasitic skin disease. It is known to mankind since ancient times, but for a long time, doctors were unable to identify the parasite and therefore denied the pathogenic nature of the disease and the appearance of skin defects associated with the emotional state of patients. Nowadays, it is known that scabies in children and adults caused by the vital activity of the mites Sarcoptes scabiei. They are widespread in everyday life, to pass easily from person to person and cause a variety of allergic reactions. Despite the prevalence of pathogens, timely laboratory diagnosis of scabies is difficult due to insufficient level of training of many STI institutions and the lack of necessary equipment.

The causative agent of scabies

Scabies is provoked by the activities of scabies mites Sarcoptes scabiei. They have small dimensions and are therefore not detected during routine inspection with the naked eye. Getting on the human skin, the female mite doing a hole in it and begin to 'bite' into the thickness of the dermis, leaving a characteristic itch moves. In the future, the fertilized female will lay the channels made in their offspring.

Usually, scabies in humans manifests itself in the hands, feet, wrists, elbows and genitals (in men). Localization of pathogens on these sites is not accidental and is due to two factors: a small amount of hair and a small thickness of the epidermis. In addition, the feet and the palms of a lot of sweat glands. They secrete sweat, which fills Realized ticks moves and creates the best conditions for the development of the offspring. Appearing on the light, the larvae quickly grow into adults, are chosen on the surface of the skin and repeat the life cycle of development. Note also that, if the person appeared scabies, symptoms of scabies are constantly progressing since, combing itchy places the patient contributes to the transfer of infection to healthy skin.

The appearance of the mites is fraught with a variety of complications. The fact that their metabolic products initially incompatible with the human body and cause allergic reactions, contribute to the emergence of numerous foci of inflammation. Particularly strong itch pesters patients in the evening and night hours, when the parasites are most active.

Ways of infection

The source of scabies is always a person and household items, with whom he had contact with. Ticks move easily in healthy people during a handshake or by direct skin contact in public transport. Frequent and family outbreaks, caused by the fact that members of one family usually use shared towels and other hygiene items. In addition, with almost 100% probability of scabies declare itself after sexual contact with a sick partner.

Symptoms of scabies

The period of the onset of symptoms of scabies ranges from a few hours to 1, 5-2 weeks. The main symptoms of scabies include:

  • itching - there is about a month after infection with scabies, a reaction to the waste products of mites. Unpleasant sensations are amplified in the evening and at night;
  • the appearance of itch moves - they look a little whitish strips up to 1 cm. The most common channels laid mites are placed on the abdomen, buttocks, feet, axillary, on the palms and in the folds of the elbow;
  • development of skin defects - crusts, dry cracks, bubbles.

Scabies in children

In children, scabies proceeds much more severe than in adults. When the diagnosis of scabies treatment often involves removal of the child from all parts of the parasites of the skin, including the face and scalp. In addition, inflammatory processes affect and nails, which are covered cracks, thicken, become too loose. By activity scabies parasite can join other infections, which greatly complicates the process of diagnosis and treatment.

A few words about the diagnosis of scabies. Detect female mite can only with a microscope. For laboratory research samples are taken of the skin, and is scraping the affected area.

Treatment of scabies

 Tablets for the treatment of scabies in humans

The treatment of scabies is assigned based on the results of laboratory diagnostics. For best results, you must meet the following conditions:

  • in the diagnosis of scabies treatment are all members of the revealed centers (family, group of children);
  • during scabies patients should not bathe and change linens;
  • Clothing and other items, which contacted patients undergoing disinfection;
  • funds from scabies are applied to the whole body, not just the affected areas.

Modern medicine offers people a fairly wide range of medicines. Scabies human cured using ointments, solutions and suspensions. Efficiency and folk remedies in the treatment of scabies, but we tell about them below. As for the most common drugs that they include: benzyl benzoate, spregal sulfuric ointment. To prevent allergic reactions and inflammation used antihistamines (suprastin, Claritin).

It is possible that the symptoms of scabies will occur even after treatment. In this case, repeat the procedure using a strong, effective means.

Scabies - Treatment folk remedies

Remember that before using any popular recipes should consult with experts who will tell you about the nuances of certain assets and the possible consequences of their use. Here are the most effective recipes:

  • Mix 1 tbsp. spoonful of turpentine with 2 tbsp. tablespoons butter. The resulting mixture is applied to the skin before going to bed;
  • 1 tbsp. spoon celandine is mixed with 4 tbsp. tablespoons of Vaseline. The tool is designed for outdoor use. Processed whole body, not just the affected areas;
  • birch tar is applied evenly on the itchy places washed off after 3-4 hours of warm water.