General information about the disease

 Rotavirus infection in the baby

Rotavirus (intestinal flu) - it is one of the varieties of acute intestinal infection that most often affects children. The largest number of cases of rotavirus infection occurs during the winter months as rotavirus perfectly preserved at low temperatures. Rotavirus infection usually develops in children aged 1 to 3 years. In infants the infection is detected rarely since they have maternal antibodies that prevent the penetration of pathogens.

How do you get rotavirus?

Rotavirus is spread very widely and "catch" it is not difficult. Typically, rotavirus infection in adults and children is transmitted through poor personal hygiene, household items, and through the general hygiene items, ingested improperly cooked food. Additionally, rotavirus infection in children can make itself felt after drinking dirty water from the manhole sources or open reservoirs. Germs thrive at zero temperature, and can be a long time in the water, and then getting into the food.

Symptoms of rotavirus infection in children

At first the symptoms of rotavirus infection in children just a little runny nose and sore throat. For this reason, it is often mistaken for the flu or acute respiratory disease, if the patient is still celebrated and fever. Error becomes apparent only when the penetration of pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract. Since then, the rotavirus infection, the symptoms of which are already manifested quite clearly defined by a characteristic acute symptoms of the disease:

  • diarrhea, frequent stools up to 20 times a day;
  • vomiting, lasting for 3-4 days;
  • High temperature (up to 40 degrees);
  • Easy runny nose;
  • headache;
  • lethargy;
  • chill.

Tear the child starts in the first hours of the disease. Thus abdominal pain are rare. Note also that rotavirus infection in adults and children can take place without a strong diarrhea. Stool frequency, in this case remains normal but cal becomes discolored.

Typically rotavirus infection ends in itself. Hospitalization is required only to individual patients who have rotavirus infection occurs with complications. You can prevent the early stages, if you give your child to drink plenty, give him a proper diet and take care of the restoration of water-salt balance. Of course, in the diagnosis of rotavirus infection must be treated under medical supervision. Otherwise, practically harmless first infection may progress to an extremely dangerous disease and cause serious complications.

Can I avoid infection?

We have already talked about the fact that rotavirus infection in children is widespread. According to some, it is a carrier of the virus every fifth person. With this in mind, to talk about the complete safety of the child is not necessary. However, you can minimize the situations that provoke the development of rotavirus infection in children and adults. If the baby appears rotavirus infection, the symptoms are usually associated with other or an illness, or with personal hygiene. Knowing this, you can create a set of basic preventive measures. First of all, the child must be tempered, strengthen its immune system, ensure the right to the child, nutrition, rich in vitamins and trace elements. You should also take care of the personal hygiene of children, teach them to wash their hands before eating and do not stick in the mouth dirty items.

Treatment of rotavirus infection in children

 The drug used in the treatment of rotavirus infection in children and adults

No specific measures with regard to patients is not carried out. When the diagnosis of rotavirus infection treatment consists in relieving symptoms persist. Doctors treat children from diarrhea and dehydration, are taking steps to reduce the temperature, using enzyme preparations (Creon, Smecta). In addition, patients with rotavirus appointed a strict diet. From a standard diet is necessary to eliminate the sour-milk products, fried foods, salty and spicy foods, juices, meats and soups. Preference is given cooked food, vegetarian soups, vegetable purees, dried bread. If a child wants a sweet, you can give it baked apples with sugar.

Since rotavirus infection in adults and children violates the fluid and electrolyte balance, to restore it with the following recipe: 1 sachet Regidron diluted in 1 liter of water. Drink medication should sips of 50 ml per hour. Diarrhea and other symptoms persist, well help people's money, but before using them you should consult with your doctor to prevent possible complications.