Brief description of the disease

 Rosacea - a manifestation of the disease

Rosacea - a disease associated with damage to blood vessels in the area of ​​the trigeminal nerve. The causes of the disease are disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and the endocrine system, climatic factors, stress and emotional stress, and neurological disorders. The worsening of the disease may be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun or cold, too spicy food, a sauna or a bath. In addition, rosacea symptoms that often occur in middle-aged and elderly, often accompanied by the appearance of ticks - demodex that settle in the hair follicles and skin glands of man. After contact with skin, mites begin to multiply and exacerbate the patient's condition.

In the period of acute patients complain of itching and flow to the skin. Note also that rosacea, treatment is not carried out, or was carried out superficially, leads to cyanosis skin, venous congestion in the skin, vasodilatation and the appearance of new lesions. In severe cases, the patient developed rhinophyma. Sometimes sick people affected eye. They turn red, start slezotochit and dry.

Rosacea - Symptoms and stages of the disease

Most often the disease manifests itself on the skin. Leading symptom is indicative of vascular lesions, - the presence of erythema (redness). Later, the patient has acne and papular elements. Course of the disease can be divided into several stages:

  • eritemoznaya - there is the concomitant expansion of capillaries and redness of the skin. These disorders affect almost the entire area of ​​the skin, sometimes switching to the neck and chest;
  • papular - characterized by the appearance of individual first, and then quite heavy red spherical nodules;
  • pustular - there is acne, developed hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands;
  • nodal stage - appears rhinophyma - proliferation of connective tissue of the skin of the nose, education hilly, lobed sites on its surface.

Rosacea - treatment of the disease

 Dermabrasion - a method of treatment of rosacea

First of all, the patient should avoid situations that cause the blood flow to the skin. It faceted exposure to the cold and the sun in the bath too hot indoors, avoid eating too hot food, spicy food and alcoholic beverages. In addition, it is better to take time off from massage and heat treatments on the skin.

If a person is diagnosed with rosacea, folk remedies should be used in conjunction with carrying out the traditional treatments. Good results show cryotherapy, dermabrasion and electrocautery (cosmetic procedure consisting in mechanical grinding of the skin using special equipment). To begin with, it should be protivodemodikoznoy treatment that uses liquid nitrogen treatment method Demyanochiva sernodegtyarny and alcohol.

If a person has been pronounced inflammatory rosacea, treatment is based on the use of corticosteroid ointments. Also recommended cooling lotions: 1-2% solution of resorcinol, 3% solution of boric acid, extracts of chamomile, celandine and calendula. In the presence of papules, pustular rash, it is desirable to take time off from the washing and disinfecting wipe the skin-dried formulations.

Rosacea - Treatment folk remedies

To get rid of the redness of the skin and acne, folk medicine uses the exterior local methods, in particular, lotions, masks, and wiping means having a disinfectant or anti-inflammatory effect.

If redness or swelling of the skin, which is usually accompanied by rosacea, national treatment is recommended to use cold lotions based on infusions of succession, yarrow, parsley and chamomile flowers. Very high efficiency shows propolis, a 5% solution is to wipe the face before going to bed. Please note only that in the morning on your face will slim plenochka. It can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in vodka.

What if the person appeared acne rosacea? Folk remedies traditionally used for acne - a mask:

  • mask with aloe juice - dilute aloe juice in warm water at a ratio of 1: 1 and the mixture soak gauze, which is then applied to the face for 20 minutes. The course of treatment lasts 15-20 days;
  • mask with cabbage juice - sequence of actions is the same as in the case with the mask of aloe, but as the main ingredient used cabbage juice;
  • Mask with infusion of rose hips - wipes moistened with warm infusion of rose hips. For 20 minutes until the mask is on the face, and must be replaced 6-7 times. The procedure is performed in a day in an amount of 20 times.

To increase the efficiency of the treatment of rosacea, masks can be combined with the ingestion of the collection, consisting of stem burdock, horsetail herb and nettle leaves. To prepare the broth take 2 tbsp. fill spoon collection and their 0, 5 liters. water. The mixture was infused for 5 minutes over low heat. A decoction is taken 4 times a day. Dosage - half a cup.