Rheumatic fever - inflammation of the connective tissue
 Rheumatic - Inflammatory systemic failure of the connective tissue. The most common in this disease affects the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Defeats tendons, skin, kidneys, eyes and digestive organs are rare. The disease is not limited to one episode. The primary attack of the disease occurs in childhood and young age. The greater the attack of the disease, the more severe the consequences of rheumatic fever. The attack of rheumatic fever in children usually lasts at least two months.

Pathogenesis and causes of rheumatic fever

Epidemiological data, clinical observations, microbiological and immunological experimental studies indicate an association of the disease with streptococcal infection. Under the influence of serogroup A streptococci disturbed immune homeostasis of the human body. In violation of the balance between cellular and humoral immune lymphocytes formed a group that affects the connective tissue of various organs and body systems. Rheumatic fever may develop with regular colds, malnutrition, exhaustion.

Great importance plays a genetic predisposition to the disease. In so-called families of rheumatic disease is three times higher than the normal population. The disease is inherited in polygenic type. Usually at rheumatism primarily affects connective tissue structures of the microvasculature, and later process captures the connective tissue of the lungs, heart, joints, liver. Treatment rheumatism started in the initial stage of connective tissue disorders, can slow down or stop the pathological process.

Symptoms rheumatism

There are acute phase of rheumatic fever, subacute, protracted, and continually recurring latent (clinically asymptomatic).

Symptoms of rheumatic fever depend on the severity of proliferative, exudative phenomena, the extent of damage organs and systems of the patient, as well as from time to time to seek medical help. Symptoms depend on which organs are affected it is inflamed. Usually the disease manifests itself after some time after recovery sore throat caused by streptococcus. The main symptoms of rheumatism are arthritis (joint pain), fever, palpitations, and chest pain due to inflammation of the heart (carditis). In this disease may experience uncontrolled twitching of muscles. The skin may appear circular erythema (rash), and under the skin - small nodules. Nodules and a rash may be the only symptoms of rheumatism. The nodules are painless and disappear without treatment.

In rheumatoid arthritis of the joints in one or in several joints there is a sudden pain. Joints become red, swollen and hot. Most often affects the knees, ankles, elbows, wrists. Sometimes it affects the hip, shoulder and small joints of the feet and hands. Simultaneously with the appearance of pain in the joints of the body temperature begins to rise. The body temperature of the rheumatic joints decreases, increases again. Rheumatic symptoms usually disappear within two weeks.

Rheumatoid process may involve myocardium, endocardium and pericardium. Rheumatic fever without obvious change of heart is extremely rare. Inflammation of the outer lining of the heart may be accompanied by easy fatigue, appearance of dyspnea, barking cough, vomiting, nausea. Inflammation of the membranes sometimes causes damage to valves and rheumatic heart disease. Most often it disrupted the structure of the mitral valve. Damage to the mitral valve is diagnosed by the characteristic noise of the heart. When narrowing of the mitral valve orifice mitral stenosis develops.

Uncontrollable twitching muscle rheumatism also begin gradually. Twitching eventually become unfocused nature of the fast chaotic movement. Such movements disappear during sleep. Rheumatism in children more severe and acute than in adults. Uncontrollable twitching may last from four to eight months. That is why children with rheumatism spoils handwriting.

The course of rheumatic process can be accompanied by vague clinical symptoms (weakness, decreased physical activity, shortness of breath after the appearance of moderate overload, subfebrile or normal temperature, increased excitability, irritability and sleep disorders).

Rheumatic lung disease usually manifests pleuropneumonia, pleurisy and pneumonia.

Treatment: Rheumatism

 In rheumatoid arthritis the joints they become red, hot and swollen
 In the treatment of rheumatism, the three-step system applies. In the active phase of the disease provided inpatient treatment with bed rest for a month. In the future, the treatment provided in a local sanatorium cardiorheumatological. In the third stage, the follow-up of the patient in a clinic.

The complex treatment of rheumatism includes the use of physical therapy and medicines, as well as a balanced diet, providing milk-vegetable diet with restriction of fluid and salt. From medicines for rheumatism shows antibiotics (penicillin drugs), drugs potassium (asparkam, Pananginum), diuretics (Lasix furosemide), cardiac glycosides (izolanid, digitoxin, korglion, strophanthin-K). The treatment is sure to include Ascorutinum (rutin) and ascorbic acid.

Treatment of folk remedies for rheumatism

In rheumatoid arthritis are very effective fitosbory. To prepare you need to take two of the herbs rosemary, two parts cranberry leaf, two turns, two daisies. Two tablespoons of collecting pour half a liter of boiling water. Boil for ten minutes, and then insist on 30 to 40 minutes, drain. Take third cup three times a day after meals.

In rheumatoid arthritis in the acute period will fitosbor, which consists of four parts of birch leaves, two of the black elderberry flowers, nettle leaves two parts, one part of the grass, yarrow, meadowsweet three parts, two parts lime, two pieces of horsetail. Boil one teaspoon of boiled water collection, insist. Drink instead of tea throughout the day. To avoid getting used to the grass, little can alter the composition fitosborov.

In rheumatoid arthritis of the joints in the affected areas can be rubbed into the mixture prepared in the home. For its preparation must take a half cup of radish juice, a glass of bee venom, half a glass of vodka, a tablespoon of salt.

In rheumatoid arthritis the joints as an anesthetic and a sedative for rubbing can be used juniper cream with bay leaf. For the preparation of ointments is necessary to take six parts powdered mixture of bay leaf and rub it with butter (12 parts).