Retention cyst

Retention cysts - a towering rounded education pathological character that has a clear or bluish thin shell with mucous content. Retention cysts may be congenital or acquired. To the acquisition of retention cysts due to accumulation of secretions, has a liquid consistency, in a capsule or duct secretory organ. Congenital retention cysts arise in cases where even during the prenatal development of the child he had spliced ​​wall flows glands.  Retention cysts of the cervix

These tumors can occur at any age and often striking elements of endocrine and exocrine systems. The mechanism of retention cysts: because of the blockage of the channel outputting gland secretions of the clot, foreign body, or while squeezing its walls by scar tissue or tumor stops the outflow of liquid secretions. Due to the accumulation of fluid gradually stretched walls of the cavity, thereby developing cysts and breast, sebaceous, pancreatic, prostate, bartolinievyh and other glands. This group also includes pathological cyst corpus luteum and follicular ovarian cyst.

Retention cysts in the cervix

There is a retention cyst in the cervix due to the rise in the columnar epithelium that lines the cervical canal flat stratified epithelium of the vaginal portion. These growths are called nabothian cyst. Cause retention cysts in the cervix inflammatory diseases: cervicitis caused by sexually transmitted diseases and cervical erosion. In the treatment of retention cysts in the cervix to avoid re-infection is removed vnutrikistoznuyu liquid because it may contain infectious agents.

Retention of ovarian cysts

Symptoms of ovarian cysts are retention:

  • Menstrual irregularities. With the development of the disease in adolescents is marked later menarche. In the future, become irregular menstruation, there are oligomenorrhea (decreased duration of menstruation) and gipomenoreya (decrease secretions during menstruation). Sometimes amenorrhea (complete cessation of menstruation);
  • Anovulatory infertility. With the variety of infertility pregnancy is possible, but it tends to be interrupted at different stages of development;
  • Acne (acne) in adolescence;
  •   Hair loss or alopecia;
  • Hirsutism, characterized with increased hair growth on the legs, face and the area around the nipples;
  • Obesity.  Retention of ovarian cysts

Retention of ovarian cysts are follicles with unexploded accumulate inside the liquid, which are beginning to be formed after ovulation. Tearing retention cysts of the ovaries due to lower the amount of estrogen in the blood that usually occurs in the next menstruation. Their gap and, accordingly, the outpouring of the contents into the abdominal cavity leads to tissue irritation and pain.

Treatment retention cysts

Treatment retention cysts is essentially surgical. Before removing the retention cysts in the cervix is ​​taken into account their size, the number and presence of inflammatory relapse (cervicitis, vaginitis (vaginitis), adnexitis). Removing retention cysts is carried out only after complete elimination of inflammation and pathogens that are transmitted through sexual contact. Such procedures contribute to the disappearance of retention cysts, as well as significantly reduce the risk of complications (extensive inflammation in the pelvis). Remove retention cysts diathermocoagulation techniques, cryo and lazerodestruktsii.

Treatment retention of ovarian cysts is to use pain medication, hormone therapy, and use of oral contraceptives.