Methods for the removal of red birthmarks
 In different parts of the human body may appear moles of various colors, sizes and shapes. Sometimes they get a person from birth, and are often formed over time. The birthmark is usually a benign tumor and does not cause any discomfort. The danger she may be in some cases, when a benign degenerating into malignant. Red birthmark is formed due to abnormalities in the capillaries and consists of a large number of microscopic blood vessels. It can appear almost anywhere on the body, so treatment depends on its location.

Red birthmark, especially

The medical name for a red birthmark - Angioma. This type of mole belongs to the category of safe skin diseases. The main feature is the angioma change its colors when it pressed down: the birthmark fades on palpation, and then acquires its original color.

There are several types of angiomas:

  • Starry or spider;
  • Spot;
  • Cavernous or cave.

Usually red birthmark - a flat tumor, which is slightly raised above the surface of the skin and is made up of small blood vessels. From her depart in different directions small capillaries that are visible to the naked eye. These birthmarks are called stellate or arachnids.

Spot angioma is a birthmark, which is not evident, and like a little red dot. A cavernous angioma referred to several consecutive birthmarks that are close to each other.

Typically, red birthmarks are not dangerous to human health and appear on the body almost imperceptibly. They do not cause pain, with rare exceptions that require immediate examination and professional advice.

Angioma especially large amounts of medicine is called haemangiomatosis. Such pathology characterized by excessive growth of capillaries and is treated, usually by surgical intervention.

Red birthmarks reasons

The exact causes of red birthmarks are still not installed by specialists. There are only a few suggestions, which converges most doctors. Consider the most common versions:

  • Hormonal changes and violations;
  • Excessively intensive work of blood vessels and capillaries;
  • Violation of the functions of the pigment cells;
  • Various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is believed that in the adult the most common cause of red birthmarks are various hormonal disorders. However, most moles are the same color found in children and adolescents. This fact experts explain certain changes in the circulatory system of humans and it is too intensive work that is typical for this age.

Pigment cells are responsible for the pigmentation of human skin, so any deviation in their functioning can also act cause red moles.

Many doctors occurrence of red birthmarks is considered one of the symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is, inter alia, diseases of the pancreas and liver. However, not always the appearance of moles indicates the presence of such problems. However, for your own peace of mind it is still desirable to be examined by a doctor.

Some experts attribute to a lack of red birthmark in the body of ascorbic acid. Microtrauma skin, arising, for example, after shaving, such a situation may cause damage to the vessel walls. This is another cause of birthmarks red or pink.

Treatment of red birthmarks

In most cases, red birthmarks do not require treatment and tested by themselves. In addition, if the angioma is not increased in size, does not cause a person discomfort and pain, it can be regarded as harmless. In such situations, experts do not recommend the removal of red birthmarks. The situation is different when it is formed on the face and spoil the appearance of the person. In addition, if the angioma grows in size and change color, should immediately seek medical advice.

Today, the red birthmark removal is carried out using the following main methods:

  • Moxibustion;
  • Surgery;
  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Laser Surgery;
  • Radiosurgery.

Typically, removal of red birthmarks using cautery is not effective. This is due to the fact that it is often located in deep layers of the skin, that is, on the surface is visible only the upper part of it. Often, after the procedure, a red birthmark cautery roots remain inside the skin, which contributes to its re-emergence in the same area.

At the same time today there is a fairly effective method of eliminating angioma using her frozen. The procedure takes a few minutes. On the mole tissue to liquid nitrogen, and then it disappears on its own within a month.

The method of surgery for the treatment of red birthmarks gradually losing its relevance because it has a number of disadvantages. The most important of them are the scars that remain after surgery. Therefore, the surgical method is not recommended for people who have angioma on her face. In addition, it differs morbidity compared with other modern methods.

 Effective treatment of red birthmarks
 By electrocoagulation now also often used for the treatment of red birthmarks. It is exposed to a high-frequency current through. In this procedure, an electrode burns angiomu, leaving in its place a thin crust, which is also no longer a week. Specialists of the main advantage of this method is called the ability to analyze the presence of moles on malignant cells.

Laser surgery is considered to be perhaps the most common way to eliminate angiomas, because it is less painful and leaves no scars and marks.

The method of radiosurgery - one of the newest ways to treat red moles that may soon become a serious competitor laser plastics in this matter. The device, which is used during the procedure, immediately performs 3 important functions:

  • Remove moles;
  • It stops blood;
  • It prevents infection of the wound.

This method also does not leave any traces.