Fistula of rectum

Rectal fistula - a chronic inflammation of anal gland, commonly found in the crypts morganievyh (anal sinuses), which resulted in the wall of the rectum forms the course through which the products of inflammation periodically allocated (pus, mucus and ichor).

The causes of fistula rectum

 Causes of rectal fistula

In most cases, the cause of rectal fistula formed is transferred acute paraproctitis (inflammation of anal gland), has not received adequate treatment. Acute paraproctitis leads to festering anal cancer. The inflamed gland swells, and the outflow from her broken as a result of the resulting pus finds a way through the loose tissue of the rectum, opening in the skin in the anus. Very iron usually melted purulent process. Its output in the rectum becomes an inner hole of a fistula, and the place where the pus found a way out - outside the inlet. Because DC infected intestinal contents, inflammation is not terminated, and becomes chronic phase. Around rectal fistula formed scar tissue, forming its walls.

Less common post-traumatic and post-operative fistula.

Symptoms of rectal fistula

Fistula of rectum can be complete (external) or partial (internal). These two forms have different clinical manifestations.

For internal rectal fistula tend chronic course with periodic exacerbations. In between exacerbations fistula can not express themselves and do not bother the patient. During acute inflammation there is pain in the anus, worse during bowel movements, there is a feeling of a foreign body in the anus, can pus from the anus, irritating the skin in this area. During exacerbations may worsen the overall condition of the patient: there is fever, weakness, headache.

If the fistula rectum outer, the patient worried about burning in the orifice of the fistula, periodic pus and ichor from there. At this point, the skin thickens, it can also cause inconvenience, as there is a constant injury during defecation.

Diagnosis of rectal fistula

The diagnosis of rectal fistula put on the basis of digital rectal examination and sigmoidoscopy. When conducting a study of external fistula probe, moving from the outer to the inner outlet. Sigmoidoscopy - endoscopic examination of the rectum through a tube inserted into the anus. This method allows visualization of the mucosa of the rectum and a biopsy, in order to differentiate the fistula rectal tumor, in case of any suspicion. In order to clarify the position of the fistula of the rectum and the availability of additional branches, conduct ultrasonography - ultrasound adrectal fiber.

Treatment of rectal fistula

 Symptoms of rectal fistula

Treatment of rectal fistula only operative. Due to the long process of flowing chronic fistulous course it becomes thick walls and is not capable of self-scarring, even when subject to anti-inflammatory therapy. Therefore, conservative treatment of rectal fistula is always insufficient. Operation fistula rectal excision is internal, external inlets and walls fistulous. Drug treatment of rectal fistula prescribed as an adjunctive therapy in the postoperative period to prevent recurrence. Removing a fistula colon proctology held in hospital under general anesthesia. The postoperative period lasts about a week, at which time the patient is in the hospital under medical supervision.

People's treatment of rectal fistula

People's treatment of rectal fistula consists in the application of natural anti-inflammatory drugs, mainly of plant origin, as well as a general strengthening of the body to fight chronic infection foci.

As a local anti-inflammatory treatment of a fistula rectum efficient use of decoctions and infusions of herbs in the form of baths, compresses and micro-enemas. For this purpose, use St. John's wort, chamomile pharmacy, eucalyptus, sage, oak bark, plantain, sweet flag and other herbs that have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can also use infusions and decoctions of herbs to wash the fistulous with a small syringe.

People's treatment of rectal fistula also offers the use of honey and other bee products, as well as ointments based on them.

For the general strengthening of the body recommended daily consumption of a tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach, or honey mixed with aloe juice in a ratio of 1: 1. Also good immunostimulatory effects have drugs Echinacea purpurea, marshmallow root, ginseng.

Hardly worth considering as an alternative to the popular therapy fistula rectal surgery because of the high risk of recurrence. Most popular treatment of rectal fistula is a good method for removing acute inflammation and soft at the same time effective means, as well as maintenance of remission when carrying out surgical removal of rectal fistula for any reason impossible.