Brief description of psychopathy

 Sick child psychopathy

Psychopathy - a personality disorder, which is characterized by non-acceptance of social norms, increased aggressiveness, impulsiveness, inability to form their affection.

Psychopathy is shown the inadequacy of human emotional experiences, often it has a tendency to obsessive and depressive states.

Diagnosis of psychopathy

Psychopathy, or personality disorder, attention is drawn to a person in a developing non-compliance with its behavior of societal norms.

Disorder is diagnosed if the patient three or more items of the following criteria:

  • Indifference often callous to the feelings of others.
  • Irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules and obligations.
  • The inability to build and maintain relationships with people.
  • The lack of ability to withstand setbacks arising reinforced the struggle for the fulfillment of their needs and desires, perhaps, with the manifestation of signs of aggression, even including violence.
  • No sense of guilt, inability to analyze their experiences and learn from him favor, especially from the resulting penalties.
  • The constant conflict with society, which arises because of the pronounced tendency to charge around the surrounding people, plausibly justify their behavior.

At diagnosis, in addition to general criteria, symptoms of psychopathy may occur following points in human behavior:

- Disrespect the laws of their violation, leading to arrests;

- Frequent lies, hypocrisy, deceit surrounding for personal gain;

- Failure to plan, impulsivity;

- Strong irritability, aggressiveness, manifested in frequent fights;

- Lack of a sense of safety for themselves and the people around them and excessive risk-taking;

- Irresponsibility, inability to withstand the intense rhythm of work to meet financial obligations;

- Causing mental or physical harm to others without feeling guilty afterwards, theft, etc.

Types of psychopathy

In practice, the following types of psychopathy:

1.Astenichesky type when there is irritability and rapid exhaustion.

2.Vozbudimy type when there are outbursts of anger, inappropriate emotional reactions.

3.Isterichesky type, when a person is peculiar sensibility, egocentrism and suggestibility.

4.Paranoyyalny - with the appearance of suspicion, self-esteem, a tendency to impose excess of ideas.

Types of psychopathy each person individually determined on the basis of his behavior.

Psychopathy. The reasons for its occurrence

Psychopathy occurs when abnormal development of volitional and emotional traits of man. There is a view that psychopathy is not a disease, and is caused by a specific character pathology caused by:

- Congenital deficiency of the nervous system;

- Birth trauma head injury;

- Hereditary factors, parental alcoholism;

- Serious illnesses in early childhood;

- Encephalitis.

Psychopathy personality can be caused by trauma, moral living conditions and adverse environmental conditions in general.

Psychopathy personality develops in the wrong upbringing of children. Such education is divided into four options:

1. Overprotective when parents pay attention to your child, it is constantly imposing its opinion, do not let it show independence.

2. Gipoopeka where parents, by contrast, show a lack of attention to the child, are not engaged in his upbringing.

3. "Idol family," when the family glorify child fulfill all his whims, is constantly protected, not accustomed to the work.

4. "Cinderella" when the child does not receive affection from parents, he was beaten, mocked him in opposition to the other children.

Treatment of psychopathy

Disorder not always in need of treatment.

 Treatment of psychopathy

Its main importance is given to the prevention of the social impact of the measures: education in the family, school, social adaptation, the right placement, which should correspond to the level of intelligence and psychological makeup of the individual.

Confirmed psychopathy person requires treatment, which employ a method of psychotherapy: explanatory psychotherapy, hypnosis, autogenous training, family therapy.

When medication psychopathy appointed psychotropic drugs, but very individually, taking into account personal characteristics and psychopathological reactions.

A person with symptoms of psychopathology of emotional instability are prescribed antidepressants, hysterical reaction - small doses of neuroleptics (triftazin, chlorpromazine,), the state of malice, aggression - antipsychotics (haloperidol, Tisercinum), with pronounced behavioral problems are well sonapaks and neuleptil.

Psychopathy with severe asthenic reactions requires the appointment of stimulants (sidnokarb) or natural products such as ginseng, devil, Chinese magnolia vine, Eleutherococcus, Rhaponticum, and others.

It should be understood that psychopathy - is not a reason for self! Selection of any drugs, doses and routes of administration should only deal with a psychiatrist!