Causes and symptoms of psychomotor agitation
 Acute mental disorders are often accompanied by movement disorders. In a state of arousal a person commits such movements, which have a certain character, most often destructive. Psychomotor agitation requires more attention, and people targeted by this pathology, in need of skilled care psychiatrist.

Motor excitation characteristic of many psychiatric disorders, in some cases at all is the only manifestation of the disease. For the duration of agitation can vary from a few minutes up to one week. Much depends on the traffic, the clinical manifestations of the underlying disease. However, any state of excitation develops in the same scheme with similar characteristics:

  • Acute onset, sometimes, unexpected for others;
  • Violation of generally accepted patterns of behavior in society, manifesting itself woefully inadequate movements;
  • Change the mood of the patient, emotive, until the heat of passion;
  •   Aggression in the actions of the patient, aimed at defense, attack, or having suicidal motivated.

Persons who develop agitation, present a danger for others, and for his own life. Therefore, symptoms of acute psychosis related to conditions requiring the provision of immediate medical assistance.

Psychomotor agitation, the types of

Depending on the background, which develops abnormal motor activity, the following types of psychomotor agitation:

  • Depression;
  • Maniacal;
  • Delirium;
  • Epileptic;
  • Psychopathic;
  • Galyutsinatorno-delusional;
  • Catatonic;
  • Hebephrenia;
  • Psychogenic.

Each of these states has specific features and characteristics.

Psychomotor agitation, different types of depression suicidal orientation. Patients trying to commit suicide, not paying attention to the reactions of others.

Status of mania characterized by boundless energy. Man takes up a huge amount of work, but none of them could finish as thoughts in my head a lot. However, some of them may be aggressive. Manic agitation accompanied by verbosity and elated.

Delirious excitement characteristic manifestations of "delirium tremens," accompanied by fear and is intended to protect. At the same time the people around may seem "accomplices" of the aggressors, and the patient can be dangerous for loved ones.

Twilight dizziness epilepsy - the most dangerous state of mental health. The consciousness of the patient is completely absent, and actions are extremely aggressive. When twilight agitation is stopped, the patient does not remember anything. He is horrified deed, feels remorse, but possess their own consciousness can not.

Psychopathic agitation occurs as a response to a well-defined cause and sent directly to the "offender". It is noted quite meaningful action. Movement psychopathic personality demonstrative, theater.

Hallucinatory-delusional disorder characterized by movement "different reality" in which the patient resides. He talks to him only "visible" people could suddenly attack anyone standing next to a man.

Catatonic psychomotor agitation characterized by fanciful movements that do not have any sense. However, the patient is able to actively resist when trying to restrict his freedom of movement.

Changes in motor activity during gebefrenicheskoy form of schizophrenia are foolish character. However, patients are quite capable injure themselves and people around them.

Psychogenic psychomotor agitation due to certain cause and is characterized by symptoms of panic fear for their lives.

Psychomotor agitation, treatment

A patient in a state of excitement needs urgent hospitalization in a psychiatric ward. For this purpose it is necessary to call a specialized ambulance. When developing agitation treatment appoint a doctor psychiatrist.

The primary tactic of medical workers is immediate immobilization of the patient. For this purpose, use the methods of fixing wide bandages. In special cases, doctors are obliged to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies.

When possible contact with the patient, the doctor conducts explanatory conversation. The patient is required to say that his condition requires hospitalization and treatment in a specialized hospital.

 How does agitation
 Drug exposure is made as a matter of urgency. Use more or minor tranquilizers. The achievements of modern pharmacology to quickly remove the agitation and prevent undesirable consequences for both the patient and for the people around them.

Psychomotor agitation in children

In pediatric patients such disorder is rare and its occurrence in the first place due to the organic brain damage. This may be due to birth trauma or acute neuroinfection.

In epilepsy agitation in children in clinical manifestations flows in the same way as in adults. Twilight dizziness leads to extremely aggressive actions.

Syndrome of "negativity" in adolescence is often one of the manifestations of schizophrenia debut. Psychopathic disorders are caused by heredity, so the risky behavior of children as equivalent to a similar disorder in adults and is a medical emergency.