General characteristics of the disease

 Symptoms of presbyopia

Presbyopia, or farsightedness age - a natural, although unpleasant physiological phenomenon. With age, the lens of the human eye gradually loses its ability to accommodation, ie the ability to tailor the optical power of the eye to change the point of view focused.

Early symptoms of presbyopia eyes average observed in humans of 40-45 years. It was during this period that he begins to feel the first difficulties in working with small objects or reading. For a while, you can compensate for presbyopia by placing the object at arm's length person.

However, when this method starts to not work, we have to think about the correction of presbyopia available methods of modern medicine.

The first to suffer from presbyopia eye patients with various forms of farsightedness. Problems with visual acuity before they begin to experience other people, about 35 years of age.

Symptoms of presbyopia

Symptoms of presbyopia include blurred, blurred near vision. This makes it uncomfortable for many familiar human activity: reading, working on the computer, various kinds of needlework. Presbyopia is constantly forcing people to strain your eyes and leads to systemic eyestrain, headaches and a general poor health - the so-called asthenopia caused visual discomfort.

Diagnosis of presbyopia

Presbyopia is diagnosed during the test of visual acuity using special equipment - phoropter. It is an ophthalmic device in the form of a helmet to various optical lenses and projection. Phoropter measures the refractive ability of the human eye. Similar opportunities in diagnosing presbyopia eye has a method of computer autorefractometry.

Treatment of Presbyopia

 Bifocal lenses for vision correction with presbyopia

The most affordable way to correct presbyopia - bifocals. They have two types of focus and can be used to view both far and close proximity. This feature provides a different focal power of the upper and lower parts of glasses bifocals.

The analog of the optical treatment of presbyopia eyes are multifocal contact lenses. They provide visual acuity at near, medium and remote location of the object. If necessary presbyopia simultaneously with spectacles lenses can be used.

Surgical treatment of presbyopia eyes

The surgical correction of presbyopia eyes as there are several possible methods.

The leading place in the surgical treatment of presbyopia takes laser thermokeratoplasty. Another name for the technique - LTC. The correction of presbyopia with the LTC comes via radio waves. They change the shape of the cornea of ​​the human eye and improves visual acuity while a slight degree of presbyopia. However, the adaptive capabilities of the lens continues to decline, and eventually use LTC as a method of correction of presbyopia becomes ineffective.

Improved technology is called presbyopia surgery LASIK. During her eye with the best visual acuity is appointed leader, and its shape of the cornea is changed by eksimerlazera for distance vision. The cornea is the other eye for near vision is deformed. And at the same time vision with both eyes at the person with presbyopia creates a situation of optimum clarity.

The most radical method of surgical correction of presbyopia eyes - the replacement of the lens. In the current age of farsightedness combined with cataracts, this technique is the best treatment option for presbyopia. Instead, remote patient implanted lens multifocal lens. It is able to compensate for any violation of human refraction and presbyopia eyes as well.