Pink zoster

Brief description of the disease

 Pink zoster - infectious and allergic disease
 Pink zoster is an infectious-allergic disease, which is accompanied by the appearance of rounded, scaly patches of pink color (which is why it is, in fact, got its name). Most often the disease affects children and young people in the spring and in autumn. The risk of "catch" infection increases with supercooling of the body, lowering immunity and the use of personal belongings of the sick person (comb, washcloth, towel). Pink zoster in children and adults - is contagious, but usually, it is transmitted only to people with reduced immunity, while healthy, full of energy a person can safely communicate with the patient.

Currently it accepted that pink zoster, treatment which in most cases is done in the home, has a viral nature and is caused by a type of herpes virus.

Pink zoster - symptoms and disease progression

The presence of infection can be determined in the early stages of the emergence of a lonely spot rounded pinkish color, but in most cases people do not give it any importance, and because the disease is detected late enough. Within 7-10 days pityriasis rosea human extends through the body and causes rashes plurality of small spots. They are concentrated on the sides of the trunk, as well as the back, chest and thighs.

Spots itch and peel, not delivered, however, no particular discomfort. In some cases (rarely) pink zoster in children and adults, resulting in fever, enlarged lymph nodes, joint pains and general malaise. Edges are free from stains flakes. Because of this, they are often compared with medallions. They quickly grow in size, but do not merge, they have clearly defined borders. The duration of the disease is 6-9 weeks.

Pink versicolor - treatment by traditional methods and traditional recipes

Now it is proved that the pink deprive a person does not require any special treatment because the infection goes away by itself. Shorten the rash usually not possible, so the treatment is pink lichen removing unpleasant itching and use hypoallergenic diet. From the usual diet excludes citrus, chocolate, eggs, alcohol, red fruit, tea and coffee. Pink zoster, whose symptoms manifest themselves hard enough can be treated with physical therapy and antihistamines, but as mentioned above, the need for them is extremely rare.

In order to reduce the intensity of the spots spread should take time off from washing with soap and water. In addition, it is not necessary to comb and rub the damaged areas of the skin. It is advisable to wear underwear made of cotton because synthetic and woolen garments increased maceration of the skin.  Antihistamines - for the treatment of pink lichen

When diagnosed with pink zoster, treatment of folk remedies is not a necessity, but herbs and infusions allow relieve itching and reduce the rate of infection. Patients are advised to lubricate the damaged skin peach, buckthorn, mammal or Dog rose oil 6-7 times a day. For internal application used infusion or decoction of licorice root.

Pink deprive a person passes completely about a month after the first, the "mother" spots. The infection manifests itself once in a lifetime. Relapses occur, but very rarely and only in people with weakened immune systems.

Pink zoster in children

The most common occurrence of infection occurs between the ages of 4 and 15 years. In children with a diagnosis of podverzhdennym pink zoster, symptoms are slightly different than those of adults. The rash is biased toward eczematization more pronounced exudation. In addition, in childhood often noted the presence of vesicular rash and urticaria, which bring much discomfort and itch. Pink zoster in children has another feature. It often appears not only on the face, hips or torso sides, but also on the scalp. The individual spots merge into one large lesion with concomitant poliadenita.

As in the case of adults, infection in children requires no special treatment, and is held by itself. The child is assigned to a hypoallergenic diet and prohibited from wearing synthetic or woolen fabrics.

Washing process should take place without the addition of water in any cosmetic additives. It is best to take time off from the bath and wash the baby shower. To remove the itch ointments, butter or apple cider vinegar. No impact the infection does not leave behind, and in general it is absolutely harmless. Some anxiety can deliver unless the temperature increase, but it is short-lived, and the body's response to stimulation.