Phimosis experts call an abnormal structure of the penis, which is expressed in a sharp narrowing of the foreskin that prevents opening of the head. The extent of the release of the glans penis when phimosis may be different - from the painful and time-consuming to complete the opening of the foreskin sticking to the skin of the head.  Phimosis - narrowing of the foreskin

The disease phimosis in boys may be either congenital or acquired in nature. The first case is the most common and it even has the name of the so-called physiological phimosis in children, which takes place on their own to a certain age. Acquired phimosis can occur at any age and the reason for it, as a rule, is in the transferred inflammatory diseases of the penis or the urethra, leading to loss of elasticity and narrowing of the foreskin. It is also a common cause of phimosis in the adult men is mechanical injury in the genital area.

The presence of phimosis at any age leads to various complications both physiological morally. The first ever closed the foreskin of the penis head is a hotbed of chronic infection due to accumulating residues excreted urine and physiological secretion.

In addition, phimosis adults inevitably cause psychological suffering, as a source of sexual dysfunction in men - from pain during sexual intercourse with a partner to complete inability to implement it. Also, lack of adequate and timely treatment of phimosis in mature male leads them to the formation of various complexes and general neuroticism.

Types of phimosis

1. phimosis in children

In most cases phimosis in children diagnosed before the age of two or three years. As mentioned above, many experts call a state of physiological and claim that the treatment of phimosis in boys does not have to be to surgical intervention.

Upon reaching the age of 6-7 years phimosis in children usually takes place, and the head of the penis is released spontaneously. However, parents who have decided to wait with the operation of phimosis before that age, it should be remembered the mandatory hygiene of sex organs in baby - washing the head of the penis after each urination. In addition, at physiological phimosis in boys, experts recommend to avoid the accumulation of pathogens daily processing area between the foreskin and sensitive skin head antiseptic solution (chlorhexidine, and so miramistinom. N.).

If after reaching a boy seven years the trend towards the opening of the penis head is not observed, then this clearly is a phimosis surgery in a hospital.

2. Phimosis in adults

Cases of phimosis in adult men are fairly common. The main reason for most of the disease - lack of treatment of congenital phimosis.

Sometimes the disease is encountered during puberty a young man. Because of the sharp hormonal surge is a rapid development of genitals with each other form of inappropriate size of the foreskin and the glans. This phimosis in adults is less marked degree than the disease, preserved since childhood.

The degree of phimosis

Experts classify the disease according to the degree of opening phimosis glans penis:

First degree. This degree of phimosis is characterized by the fact that the rest of the penis head is easily released from the foreskin. In order to move the foreskin in erection required to make little effort.

Second degree. Erect penis is not released from the foreskin, even with considerable effort. At rest, the head is freely exposed, or with little difficulty.  The only method of treatment of phimosis - operation

Third degree. Attempts to stretch or move the foreskin from the glans penis is erect cause sharp pain and the formation of gaps bleeding. At rest, with a huge effort, it is possible to release the head of the penis foreskin. Problems with the urethra act at a given degree of phimosis absent.

The fourth degree. The head of the penis foreskin is closed completely. At the beginning of the inflated bladder prepuce (foreskin bag), then urine hardly stand out from the narrow opening in a thin stream or squeezed drops.

Reasons for phimosis

The main reasons for the formation of phimosis is not yet definitively established, but experts tend to associate the disease with insufficient production of body connective tissue. This predisposition is usually genetic in nature and is often accompanied by other disease phimosis malformations - heart valve disease, varicocele, flat feet, and other abnormalities.

Treatment of phimosis

Until recently, physicians have attempted treatment of phimosis using pharmacological agents (e.g., hormonal agents). But the practical results of this phimosis treatment did not bring long-awaited relief to the patient.

Today, the sole and proven method of getting rid of the problem is tsirkumatsiya - operation of phimosis, which is a partial or complete circumcision.

Such alternative methods of treatment of phimosis as stretching of the foreskin to release the head of the penis, is not recommended for self-use in the home, especially if children are involved.