Pharyngitis called mucosal inflammation of the pharynx. This is a very common disease, which had been ill, probably every person in the nation, it is often referred to simply as the common cold.

Causes of pharyngitis

 Causes of pharyngitis

The most common cause of pharyngitis is a viral or bacterial infection that has penetrated into the nasopharynx with reduced immunity. Precipitating factor in most cases is the subcooling general or local (the use of cold drinks, ice creams).

Viral pharyngitis is transmitted by airborne droplets, spreading quickly, especially in crowded areas (businesses, schools, kindergartens). In the following a viral infection can join bacterial. In some cases, bacterial pharyngitis occurs immediately as an independent disease.

Among the most common causative agents of pharyngitis called rhinovirus (80% of all cases of acute pharyngitis), adenovirus, influenza viruses, parainfluenza, coronavirus.

In addition to viruses and bacteria, pharyngitis may be caused by a fungal infection, allergy, trauma, pharyngeal mucosa, and hit the gastric contents into the pharynx during sleep in chronic gastritis. Pharyngitis in children, especially nasopharyngitis (inflammation of the nose and throat), can be caused by the ingress of foreign bodies, which occurs quite often.

Types of pharyngitis

Depending on the origin distinguish pharyngitis viral, bacterial, allergic, traumatic, fungal, and pharyngitis caused in response to the constant irritation.

By the nature of the flow pharyngitis can be acute, subacute or chronic. Chronic pharyngitis, in turn, is divided into catarrhal (simple), hypertrophic, atrophic and mixed.

The symptoms of pharyngitis

The symptoms of pharyngitis are known to everyone. That tickle in the throat, pain on swallowing, the constant desire to clear his throat. Strep throat may be accompanied by worsening of general condition, the appearance of weakness, malaise, temperature rise, sometimes quite considerable (38 ° C and above). Typically, the infection spreads further, and after a few days to pharyngitis joins rhinitis (runny nose).

Acute pharyngitis in children has similar symptoms, but in infants it is difficult to recognize them. The kid is naughty, he had disturbed sleep, decreased appetite. In young children, the symptoms of pharyngitis are not specific and are similar to those of any other symptoms of colds. Pharyngitis in children quickly becomes nasopharyngitis, due to anatomical proximity of structures, which manifests the appearance of a cold. Another feature of acute pharyngitis in children is the appearance of the reflex (in response to stimulation) cough. Cough dry, paroxysmal, sometimes very strong, there is irritation of the posterior pharyngeal wall flowing over her inflammatory mucous content.

 The symptoms of pharyngitis

Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis less severe than the symptoms of acute pharyngitis. Characterized by a constant sore throat and discomfort, sometimes a dry cough. Deterioration of general condition does not occur, but the local symptoms of pharyngitis deliver a constant nuisance that can cause increased irritability and even insomnia. Chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis often is not an independent disease, but a manifestation of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, so it may be accompanied by discomfort in the stomach, intestines, etc.

Diagnosis pharyngitis

The diagnosis is made by pharyngitis typical complaints of the patient, the epidemiological situation of data (counted autumn and spring epidemic caused by viral infection), as well as the results pharyngoscope - a thorough examination of the pharynx. If necessary, a scraping from the tonsils and back of the throat for bacterial seeding, identifying the causative agent.

Treatment of pharyngitis

If there is no special indication, the treatment of choice is the topical treatment of pharyngitis. Recommended dry heat in the throat (warming dry compresses), frequent rinsing with an antiseptic solution, resorption candies containing antibiotics, drink plenty of warm, inhalation drugs, as well as fortifying the immune system and stimulating agents. When a viral infection antibiotics are not recommended, they are prescribed only when the detected bacterial or fungal pathogen, or prophylactic purposes in the treatment of traumatic pharyngitis.

Treatment of pharyngitis in children, especially in young, presents considerable difficulties, as the reception of local drugs is complex. Infant impossible to rinse the throat, prohibited the use of inhalers in young children, because you can cause bronchospasm, and resorption of candy they are also not suitable. Therefore, treatment of pharyngitis in children under two years old warming involves dry neck, and drink plenty of warm welcome soft bracing means. Be sure to treat almost always joining rhinitis, burying the nose drops, a pediatrician prescription, because without this treatment of pharyngitis is ineffective due to a steady flow of infection from the nose.

It is necessary to avoid hypothermia and excessive overheating of the child, the room where it is located, should be warm and well ventilated. Inhalation of small children, in the absence of allergies to grass, can be carried out as follows: when the child is asleep under the bed to put a boiling decoction of herbs (intensively releasing steam), has an antibacterial effect, while certainly making sure that the container has been beyond the reach of the child .

Treatment for pharyngitis folk remedies

Treatment of sore throat - this is not the gout, treatment of folk remedies that just relieve the symptoms but do not eliminate the cause, and one of those cases where traditional remedies are quite effective and can even be used as a primary therapy. From folk remedies for sore throat are widely used as follows:

  • Rinse with warm decoction of herbs, having an antibacterial effect (sage, chamomile, calendula);
  • Inhalation of vapors concoctions of herbs (eucalyptus, chamomile, St. John's wort, pine cones);
  • Rinse throat with warm saline and soda - ½ teaspoon of salt and baking soda in a glass of warm boiled water;
  •  Treatment for pharyngitis tablets Faringosept
 Bee products as a general tonic (rinse solution of propolis, pollen consumption, honey);
  • Warming drink warm milk with honey, hot (not scalding!) Tea with lemon, or tea of ​​chamomile;
  • Strengthening immunity by using an alcohol tincture of leaves of Echinacea purpurea.

Verified folk remedies for sore throat good that provides a mild effect on the body, increasing the local and overall resistance. However, to use medicinal plants and bee products only to those people who do not suffer from allergies.