persecution mania

Persecution - a violation of the psyche, which in psychiatry is also called "delusions of persecution." This violation psychiatrists are among the main features of mental insanity.

Brad - is  Persecution mania is also called "delusions of persecution"
 impaired thinking, when there false thoughts and ideas, completely exciting patient's consciousness and not amenable to outside influence, despite their complete mismatch reality. At the core delusions are false premise. Mostly nonsense is a sign of a mental illness (schizophrenia). But it happens, that is nonsense and an independent violation.

Often in everyday life we ​​call nonsense statements and arguments of other people who do not meet our concepts. But do not confuse these statements with true delusions or delusions of persecution, having the following characteristic features:

  • it is a manifestation of the disease;
  • accompanied by inventing facts about reality;
  • it is impossible to correct the false ideas the beliefs of others;
  • is a violation of adaptation in space, to live and work in a society becomes difficult.

The main reasons for persecution mania

Psychiatrists have long been studying the violation of the psyche, and its symptoms can be found in many medical textbooks and reference books. But the causes of delusions of persecution has not yet been clarified. If you do not take into account the various unscientific theory, the disease develops under the influence of certain internal and external factors. Patients with delusions of persecution marked the special structure of the central nervous system, predisposing to a variety of mental disorders.

Also of considerable importance in the occurrence of the disease have psychological trauma, family problems, poor education. It turns out that one day on such fertile ground imposed any serious stress disorder, and the human mind can not stand, causing disease. However, none of the possible causes of the disease has not been scientifically proven and has no confirmation.

The symptoms of persecution mania

The main symptom of this disorder is a delusional obsession person that he try to find, catch and cause harm. The patient constantly think that any person or group of people following him with a certain negative purpose - to harm him (maim, kill, rob). The shape of persecution may be different. For example, a high level of systematization of delusions you can talk to when the patient can describe in detail, when the persecution started, what harm it and want to cause any means pursuer for that use. This suggests that the symptoms of persecution mania are present in the patient for quite a long time.

Brad just can not become systematic. This is preceded by a certain condition called "delusional mood." At this stage, everything around the patient gets a certain sense, he begins to feel the constant anxiety throughout the visible threat. He was always waiting for him for something to happen. Gradually, the anxiety becomes permanent and turns into persecution mania.

Unfortunately, the persecution intensifies over time and develops. Suspicion patient gets more people. For example, the patient can assume that trying to poison his wife. Gradually, the patient is assured that the neighbors are also involved, but later he discovers that they are agents of secret intelligence, etc. When a persecution, not only the essence of thinking, but also character. The patient may be very great detail to describe their ideas, but he will not be able to distinguish the important from the unimportant, and may be equally long time to describe the exterior of his pursuers, and the color of the laces on his shoes.

Symptoms  Persecution - a violation of the psyche
 delusions of persecution are not limited solely by disturbances in thinking. These signs are attached and personality disorders. The relatives of the patient often notices that he has changed a lot, become aggressive and suspicious, almost no answers to the questions strange behavior.

Often a delirious join "overvalued ideas" that are mainly based on any real facts or events, but completely misinterpreted patients. Overvalued ideas - a borderline phenomenon that is peculiar to even mentally healthy people (sometimes, walking on a dark street, you may find that you are persecuted by a group of people, but in fact people just go down the same path), but these ideas are often the result of psychiatric disorders such as depression, and others.

Treatment of persecution mania

Persecution is difficult to treat. Perhaps this is due to incomplete treatment. Despite the relatively long study of this phenomenon, adequate treatment of delusions of persecution has not yet been found. It is widely believed that nonsense - a consequence of violations of the brain. Even Ivan Petrovich Pavlov wrote that anatomical and physiological causes of persecution mania - a pathological focus of excitation, thereby preventing fully functional brain. The entire life of the patient begins to obey destructive thoughts.

To date, the treatment of delusions of persecution is largely pharmacological methods. A psychiatrist prescribes medications the patient that inhibit the development of disease. When paranoid states electroconvulsive therapy and insulin therapy is usually ineffective.

It should be noted that persecution can not be exposed to the outside, that is psychotherapeutic methods in the treatment of delirium are also ineffective. However, the task of the psychiatrist is to create a comfortable environment for the patient.