Brief description of the disease

 Opisthorchiasis - is infected with parasitic worms opistorhisov that affects the ducts of the pancreas, liver and gallbladder.

Often opistorhoz provoke the development of cancer of the pancreas and liver.


Of Opisthorchosis - trematode fluke and fluke Siberian cat. The intermediate hosts of the parasite - gill clam, which is found in ponds with fresh water fish of the carp family: carp, rudd, dace, rudd, roach, ide, roach European, tench, bream, carp.

Opisthorchiasis person infected by eating raw, ill-treated thermally, slightly salted fish, which has a fluke larvae. Once in the intestine, the larvae hatching penetrate into the liver, pancreas, gall bladder and multiply there.

Symptoms opisthorchiasis

Opisthorchiasis Symptoms vary depending on the duration, intensity of infection of the body of worms. Opisthorchiasis can be acute or chronic.

Acute opistorhoz can last for several days or weeks, followed by urticaria, fever, aching joints and muscles, pain in the right upper quadrant, the stomach can be observed an increase in the gallbladder and liver. Also known symptoms in the acute stage opisthorchiasis: vomiting, flatulence, heartburn, nausea, loose and frequent stools, poor appetite. An examination of the gastrointestinal tract can be detected gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, erosive gastro. In rare cases, acute pulmonary opistorhoz accompanied.

Chronic opistorhoz can last 15-25 years or more. Opistorhoz manifested symptoms of hepatitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastroduodenita: there are pains in the right upper quadrant, like biliary colic and passing on the right side of the sternum, pain on palpation of the gallbladder.

Opistorhoz often affects the nervous system, which is why there may be irritability, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and insomnia. Sweating, tremors of fingers, tongue and eyelids - it also opisthorchiasis symptoms arising from the violation of the nervous system.

Chronic opistorhoz may be accompanied by an allergic reaction: angioedema, urticaria, itching of the skin, arthralgia.

Acute opistorhoz rarely diagnosed in children and chronic stage at the age of 1-3 years, appears as the backlog in physical development, poor appetite, biliary dyskinesia, mild eosinophilia. Opisthorchiasis have older children accompanied by a rise in temperature, abdominal pain, skin rash, chair disorder, redness of the upper respiratory tract, chronic fatigue.

Diagnosis of the disease

To diagnose the disease at an early stage of its development is difficult because the worm eggs in faeces and bile can be found by passing the analysis opistorhoz only 4-6 weeks after infection. Therefore, great importance examination of the patient, identification of characteristic symptoms opisthorchiasis and better data on use in the last month and a half of fish of the carp family. In addition, the analysis carried out on opistorhoz by examining the patient's blood.

Finally opistorhoz confirm through one or one and a half months if found parasite eggs in feces or bile.

To determine opisthorchiasis used in the chronic stage parasitological method based on a study of duodenal contents biliary tract or feces for the presence of eggs in them opistorhisov.

To study the duodenal contents probing biliary tract, on the eve of which to provoke an active egg-laying parasites, it is necessary to take 1-2g hloksila. The sample of bile taken on probing for analysis opistorhoz, study under a microscope.

Treatment opisthorchiasis

Treatment begins with removal opisthorchiasis allergic reactions - prescribe antihistamines (tavegil, suprastin or diphenhydramine, calcium chloride), sedatives, and then begin the complex therapy: prescribed worming, cholagogue, enzyme preparations and tools that improve motility and tone the digestive tract.

 The only effective drug for the treatment of opisthorchiasis - praziquantel (Biltritsid)
 The only effective treatment for opisthorchiasis is today Praziquantel (Biltritsid). Take it to the dosage of 40-75mg / day per kilogram of body weight in two or three doses. Opisthorchiasis children also treated with this drug.

The therapy is required to include cholagogue preparations (Holagogum, Hofitol, Allohol, Holosas) - to praziquantel, accumulating in the biliary tract, with paralyzed worms out easily in the intestine.

Adults, children opisthorchiasis during treatment shows a diet which is dominated by fresh and roasted vegetables, fruits, natural juices, porridge on the water, vegetable soups, honey. Should be excluded from the diet of eggs, muffins, fatty, smoked products.

Practices and national treatment opisthorchiasis. The official medicine such treatments are not approved, but the positive feedback to eliminate parasites in the home a lot. You should only remember that the application of national treatment recipes opisthorchiasis need to take test samples and be examined by the intestine, gall bladder, liver to detect possible complications.

Output can be opistorhisov tar, which take on such a scheme over 9 days:

  • the first day drink two drops tar mixed with one teaspoon of milk or water;
  • on the second day - 4 to. tar;
  • on the third day - 6 to .;
  • On the fourth day - 8 K .;
  • on the fifth day - 10 toward .;
  • on the sixth day - 8 K .;
  • On the seventh day - 6 to .;
  • On the eighth day - 4 K .;
  • on the ninth day - 2 k.

Used in traditional treatment opisthorchiasis and pumpkin seeds, one glass of fresh seeds is necessary to pass through a meat grinder, add two raw egg yolks, a cup of boiling water, a teaspoon of honey and mix. The prepared mixture should be eaten instead of breakfast, on an empty stomach and then soak two hours under the hot-water bottle right side. The procedure must be repeated more 2p., With an interval of 10 days.

After three, six months after treatment to monitor its effectiveness re-do the analysis on opistorhoz.

Despite the complete elimination of parasites, the functionality of the digestive tract, the liver is impaired. Therefore suffered a opistorhoz shown rehabilitation treatment aimed at removing the remaining disease.

Prevention of disease

Prevention opisthorchiasis is in compliance with the rules of butchering and processing of fish: it should be given for individual chopping boards and knives, withstanding temperature in the course of its preparation.