Nodular goiter

 Symptoms of thyroid nodules

It called goiter thyroid enlargement. In the case where in the thyroid nodules are talking about nodular goiter. Nodular goitre - the most common thyroid disease, occurs in 5% of the population, and according to experts, given the hidden forms of nodular goiter, sometimes accidentally revealed during examination for another reason, this figure can be safely doubled. Women are nodal goiter four times more than men.

Nodular goiter is a group of diseases, united by a common feature - the presence of nodes in the thyroid gland. The fact that the fabric is formed by a plurality of thyroid follicles, each follicle is a microscopic cell ball having inside a substance in colloidal form. Node thyroid gland is enlarged follicles - single, multiple (multinodular goiter), some soldered together enlarged follicles, follicular cyst or tumor that arose from the follicle (adenoma, including malignant).

Causes of thyroid nodules

Causes of thyroid nodules are still unidentified. It is considered that has a value of living in the areas with a reduced content of iodine in water (goiter), but medical statistics say that the nodes in the thyroid gland are formed in people living in areas with normal iodine slightly less. Therefore, if a low iodine content is not the only cause of nodular goiter.

Image follicles and cyst formation occurs in response to changes in the body, under which increases the load on the thyroid gland. This happens in various diseases, genetic predisposition, as well as the influence of some environmental factors, particularly stress. Some experts consider such forms as colloidal proliferating nodular goiter, age-related changes of the thyroid gland.

Types of nodular goiter

Depending on the origin, composition and causes of nodular goiter, are following its forms:

  • Endemic nodular goiter;
  • Solitary node (single node of the thyroid gland);
  • Multinodular goiter (multiple thyroid nodules);
  • Kongolomeratny nodular goiter (a conglomerate of soldered together nodes);
  • Diffuse nodular goiter (enlarged nodes formations in the thyroid gland);
  • True cyst of the thyroid gland;
  • Follicular thyroid adenoma (benign tumor);
  • Malignant tumors of the thyroid gland.

Degrees of nodular goiter

Depending on how increased thyroid, determines the degree of nodular goiter. Previously adopted the classification of degrees of nodular goiter by OV Nikolaev, in 1994 the World Health Organization proposed a new classification. However, in clinical practice it is currently used as a classification of Nikolayev, and WHO classification, so give both.

Degrees of nodular goiter (goiter and general) of Nikolaev:

  • 0 degree - the thyroid gland is not visible and not palpable;
  • 1 degree - the thyroid gland is not visible, but palpable;
  • 2 degree - the thyroid gland visible during swallowing;
  • 3 degree - the thyroid gland increases the contour of the neck, making it thicker;
  •  Diagnosis of thyroid nodules
  • 4 degree - an obvious goiter, violates the configuration of the neck;
  • 5 degree - the thyroid gland is enormous and compresses the neighboring organs.

Degrees of nodular goiter (goiter and general) of the WHO definition:

  • 0 degree - no goiter
  • 1 degree - the size of shares (or one share) over the distal phalanx of the thumb of the patient. Goiter is palpable but not visible.
  • 2 degree - palpable goiter, visible to the eye.

Symptoms of thyroid nodules

As a rule, there are no symptoms of nodular goiter. This mainly refers to the most common form, nodular colloid proliferative goiter, as well as thyroid cysts. In this case, the only symptoms of nodular goiter themselves are education units and cysts are usually patient with the serene. If nodes reach a considerable size, there may be complaints about a cosmetic defect, or a sense of compression of the neck.

If it is a diffuse nodular goiter, here nodular goiter symptoms coincide with symptoms of hyperthyroidism: nervousness, weight loss, if the volume of food intake, tachycardia, etc.

In general we can say that in all cases, except for colloidal proliferative nodular goiter and thyroid follicular cysts, nodular goiter symptoms consistent with the symptoms of the underlying disease that caused the formation of knots.

Diagnosis of thyroid nodules

The diagnosis of nodular goiter is placed on the basis of survey data of the thyroid gland. For this purpose, the following methods:

  • A blood test for thyroid hormone;
  • Fine-needle puncture biopsy of the thyroid gland (TPB);
  • Radioisotope scanning of the thyroid gland;
  • Computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the thyroid gland - the most expensive but also the most informative methods of examination.

Treatment of nodular goiter

Treatment of nodular goiter performed depending on the reasons for the appearance of the nodes in the thyroid gland. Most experts believe that the treatment of nodular goiter in the form of nodular colloid proliferative goiter is not required in this case require a dynamic monitoring of the thyroid gland, and treatment is given only when the components show an upward trend for a short time.

Treatment of thyroid nodules may be medical and surgical, the choice of implementing physician. Drug therapy is drugs that suppress excessive production of thyroid hormones. One of the most effective methods of treatment of nodular goiter is introduced into thyroid medications radioactive iodine, which helps to reduce or even disappearance of the units and the restoration of normal size prostate.

Surgical treatment of thyroid nodules is to remove nodes, and if there are specific indications, such as malignant tumor, the removal of one lobe or entire thyroid gland.

Treatment of nodular goiter folk remedies

 Chokeberry in the treatment of nodular goiter folk remedies

Before you start treatment of nodular goiter folk remedies, be sure to visit an endocrinologist, as in some forms of treatment may be surgery alone, and engaging in self, you can lose precious time.

Treatment of nodular goiter folk remedies a great way to maintain health in the interval between taking drugs, or when colloidal proliferative form of the disease when medical treatment is required.

In general, the treatment of nodular goiter folk remedies aimed at correcting the content of iodine in the diet. A good way to do this in the following recipes:

1. Take 1 kg of fresh aronia berries, mixed with 1 kg of sugar, carefully rub. Take the resulting mixture 3 times a day for 1-2 tsp

2. Daily eat 50-100g of seaweed, or take a teaspoon of the powder from her.