Night blindness, she is day-blindness - is a violation of the mechanism of adaptation to low light conditions. A person suffering from night blindness disease, difficulty seeing at dusk or in the dark.

Causes of night blindness disease

 Symptoms of night blindness

The disease can be congenital, symptomatic or essential character.

The most common kind of the disease - night blindness kind of essential. The disease develops on the background of malnutrition and, primarily, due to lack of vitamin A. Night blindness of this kind can cause liver disease, anemia or severe exhaustion. Provoke the disease can also treatment with antagonists of vitamin A, such as quinine.

Night blindness is congenital form manifests in early childhood and is triggered by genetic factors.

Symptomatic disease of night blindness caused by organic diseases of the eye: glaucoma, high myopia, or pigment abnormalities of the retina.

Regardless of the etiology of night blindness eyesight in the dark causes the same reason - the violation of the formation of visual pigment rhodopsin in the rods of the retina.

Symptoms of night blindness

At night blindness and lack of vitamin A in the body the patient has a progressive decrease in vision in the dark and a decrease in the sensitivity of the retina to bright light. At the same time in a patient develops a decrease of color perception. Often suffering correct perception of blue. The symptoms of night blindness include the availability of spots in the field of view of the patient during his move from the dark to the bright room.

Diagnosis of the disease night blindness

The diagnosis of "night blindness" sets the ophthalmologist on the basis of complaints of the patient, clinical symptoms, as well as electroretinography data that can identify abnormalities of the retina.

Treatment of night blindness

Standard treatment of night blindness is a kind of essential nutritional therapy. Lack of vitamins when night blindness is compensated by balanced high-calorie diet, which included certainly there:

  • Cod liver,
  • butter,
  • milk,
  • cheese
  • eggs,
  • fruits and berries (blackberries, black currants, blueberries, peaches, gooseberries, cherries, apricots, rowan)
  • vegetables and herbs (carrots, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, peas)
  •  Additive Flavigran used in the treatment of night blindness
 and other foods rich in vitamin A.

In the treatment of night blindness, congenital form is also used diet therapy. However, the treatment prognosis is poor. Food rich in vitamins at night blindness innate forms only slightly affects the quality of the patient in the dark or dusk. He is still there is a significant narrowing of the field of view in low light conditions.

Forecast symptomatic treatment of night blindness form depends on the severity of the underlying disease. Surgical correction of myopia, or allow the timely treatment of glaucoma, as a rule, return patient quality vision and spatial orientation in the dark.