General characteristics of the disease

 Neurodermatitis on hands
 Neurodermatitis is a skin disease neurogenic-allergic type. For the first time the term was used in 1891, when a disease meant scratching the surface of the skin due to the primary itching. This disease has a significant place among the population on the incidence of skin diseases, and is approximately 40%. Neurodermatitis on hand is most common in children, and with the onset of puberty often disappears by itself (in the absence of other diseases).

Since most susceptible to this illness children, parents should carefully observe the baby's skin, and at the first sign to begin immediate treatment, because the consequences can be quite adverse. The high likelihood of seals, changes in the relief of the skin, as well as serious infectious diseases species. The main preventive measures neurodermatitis for adults is "respect" the correct psychological and occupational health, for children - the mode of breastfeeding and general hygiene.

Causes of neurodermatitis

There are many causes of this disease. The main ones include:

  • Genetic predisposition (for example, if the parents have suffered any allergic diseases, most likely it will be the cause of neurodermatitis in a child);
  • Negative emotions;
  • The long-term mental and physical stress;
  • Professional load (particularly harmful impacts on the production or company);
  • Wrong mode of the day;
  • Diseases of the digestive system;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Intoxication.

Also causes of neurodermatitis are considered external environmental factors that cause allergenic reaction character:

  •   Wool pets;
  •   Food aquarium fish (dry mixes);
  •   Pen filler mattresses, pillows, blankets;
  •   Some cosmetics and perfumes;
  •   Pollen flowers;
  •   Food (nuts, citrus, honey, etc. as well as coloring agents and preservatives in foods);
  •   Drugs.

By identifying an individual cause of neurodermatitis should start immediate treatment. However, the removal of the source of the disease - is not enough, and in acute forms should consult a dermatologist for a complete diagnosis and prescribing a course of treatment.

Types of neurodermatitis

 Neurodermatitis on his feet
 The division into types of skin disease is caused by the prevalence of human skin. Thus, atopic dermatitis is of several types, namely:

  • Limited submitted only in some areas of the skin;
  • Diffuse, manifestations of which are the centers of the neck, face, elbows, popliteal depression, atopic dermatitis is most common on the hands;
  • Hypertrophic a tumor manifestation in the groin area;
  • Linear, in which there are bars on the ground itchy fold limbs;
  • Psoriaziformny - atopic dermatitis in the neck and head, in which there are pockets of packed red, covered with small scales;
  • Follicular in which genital papules appear on areas of the hair;
  • Dekalviruyuschy appearing on the parts of the body hair, followed by hair loss.

Each type of neurodermatitis brings significant discomfort to man, so treatment is required without delay.

Symptoms of neurodermatitis

The main symptoms of neurodermatitis are characterized by a rash, itching, neurotic disorders, redness, peeling. Moreover, the scope of the disease may be varied depending upon the particular species it.

If neurodermatitis is greatly reduced adrenal function, so the skin can darken considerably. Man loses weight, which adversely affects the general condition of the body. Pressure decreases, increases fatigue, lethargy and weakness, decrease secretion of gastric juice and blood glucose level. Neurodermatitis sometimes causes lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes), deteriorating the activity of many organs.

It should be noted that the symptoms of neurodermatitis most evident in the winter, and in the evening hours and in the summer, on the contrary, felt noticeable improvement. Neurodermatitis on hand brings the greatest discomfort as due to moisture and frequent mechanical stress disorder gets worse.

Diagnosis is made primarily by visual inspection, taking samples from the affected area of ​​skin and neurodermatitis blood test.

Treatment of neurodermatitis

 Neurodermatitis Treatment
 The prognosis for timely treatment of neurodermatitis - quite favorable. The main methods of combating the disease include:

  • Special mode of the day (a full night's sleep, exercise, moderate food "by the hour");
  • Diet;
  • Treatment at a fixed basis;
  • Antihistamines;
  • Hormone therapy in particularly acute cases;
  • Physiotherapy treatment regimen neurodermatitis.

Local treatment involves the use of neurodermatitis antipruritic ointments and creams that resolves and exfoliate the skin affected pockets.

People's treatment of neurodermatitis

Before the treatment of neurodermatitis, should consult a doctor. With proper diagnosis, treatment neurodermatitis national yields positive results.

The advantages of this method are the natural ingredients that have only a beneficial effect on skin affected by neurodermatitis. In addition, national treatment neurodermatitis does not harm the body as a whole.

In folk medicine for the treatment of neurodermatitis are frequently used herbs such as burdock, celandine, nettle, calendula.

The following procedure is recommended in the evening, just before bedtime.

Here are a few popular recipes of traditional treatment of neurodermatitis:

- The infusion of the leaves of oak bark, birch leaf, nettle, flax seeds, mint, coriander and sage is applied by the bandage on the affected areas, stand until dry, then replace compress. Especially effective for the treatment of such gadgets neurodermatitis in her arms. Repeat the procedure until, until symptoms start to disappear;

- In 1 liter of water pour 1 tbsp. l. rock salt and mixed well. Separately, 100 grams of 10% aqueous ammonia was poured 10 g of camphor oil. The stirred mixture was combined with brine. The vessel is capped and shaken well. This miraculous ointment smeared problem areas until complete recovery.

- Stir 40 g fruits of mountain ash and smoke tree leaves, sage, 15 g, 30 g of horsetail and 50 oak bark, 4 tbsp the mixture is poured 3 liters of water and simmered for 10 minutes. The resulting broth is added in the bath in the bathroom.

In some cases, getting rid of neurodermatitis requires complex treatment includes also an internal cleansing of the body in the form of micro-enemas. For this 1 h. L. Flowers wormwood and tansy (1: 1) pour 100 ml of boiled water, 1 hour, filter. Use every other day, a course of 10-12 procedures.

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