Brief description of the disease


Myocardial dystrophy - a disease that disrupts the normal functioning of the myocardium and leads to degeneration of the heart muscle. The danger of this disease lies in the fact that it interferes with the normal metabolism. If untreated, myocardial in children and adults results in severe atrial arrhythmias and congestive heart failure, and in some cases - to the development of chronic heart disease, cardiomyopathy and myocarditis.

Factors contributing to the occurrence of myocardial dystrophy, divided into two groups - cardiac and extracardiac .  The former include heart defects that cause metabolic disorders in cardiac muscle .  In turn, the extracardiac reasons are related to blood disorders, beriberi, intoxication, radiation and diseases of the endocrine glands .  In addition, myocardial heart may occur as a result of occupational exposures, exposure to physical factors (overheating, chest trauma), emotional and physical stress .  Progression of the above causes lead to disruption of metabolic processes in the tissues of the myocardium .  Affected areas may be either diffuse or focal .  At the same time in the cell structure within a single cell pathology affected in different ways, which is the main feature of myocardiodystrophy and simplifies its early diagnosis .

What happens when myocardiodystrophy?

Dystrophic process has three stages:

  • the first stage - there are pockets of adverse changes that lead to the death of myocardial tissue and increase its size. Over time, isolated pockets merge into one unit, forming an enlarged cavity of the heart. At this stage of myocardial easily treatable, as the initial violation of the contractile function of the heart without problems cropped using of drugs;
  • the second stage - the pathological process progresses, the affected area extends to healthy tissue. At the same time the death of muscle cells is compensated by increasing the amount of undamaged structures, however, degenerative changes are still reversible due to the normalization of the muscle fibers and their intracellular recovery;
  • third stage - running myocardiodystrophy - symptoms indicate the development of heart failure and atrial fibrillation, which, in turn, cause irreversible changes of the myocardium and lead to serious complications in the cardiovascular system.

Myocardiodystrophy - symptoms

In some cases, determine the true cause of disease and prescribe appropriate treatment prevents the fact that the signs of myocardial dystrophy often disguised as symptoms of the underlying disease. Patients are observed:

  • fatigue with little physical exertion;
  • shortness of breath;
  • moderate tachycardia;
  • muted tones of the heart;
  • pain in the left side of the chest;
  • in the later stages of development - signs of heart failure.

The main task of doctors is to correctly interpret clinical symptoms dystrophic process, excluding the development of cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, and coronary heart disease.

Myocardiodystrophy - treatment of the disease

Treatment myocardiodystrophy built to address the causes of pathology, that is, that factor, which caused degenerative changes. In this case, we're talking about surgical and medical treatment of endocrine diseases, removal of foci of chronic infection, prevention of intoxication, reducing the degree of the negative impact of occupational hazards. Depending on how much progressed myocardial heart treatment involves a temporary restriction of physical activity or bed rest in severe cases.

 Treatment of myocardial

In addition, myocardial dyshormonal requires compliance to a strict diet. The patient should be in the diet to increase the share of products containing large amounts of protein and vitamins. When overweight reduce calories, while vitamin deficiency and degeneration - increase.

The most important therapeutic area myocardiodystrophy - correction of electrolyte disturbances. Patients shown intravenous administration of 1 g of potassium chloride or 10-15mg panangina diluted in 5% glucose solution. In the event that the patient is easy myocardial whose symptoms are mild, potassium supplements can be administered orally. In the treatment of all forms myocardiodystrophy also used agents that stimulate metabolism of the myocardium. Such funds include the following: vitamins, Riboxinum, potassium orotate, anabolic steroids. If myocardial leads to symptoms of heart failure patients showing cardiac glycosides.

Note also that, regardless of the form and stage of treatment myocardiodystrophy must be complex. Events are held for a long period of time, up until then, until no electrolyte disturbances and normalized ECG. After discharge from the hospital, all former patients subject to compulsory medical check-ups at the cardiologist. If necessary, the doctor will determine the future complex of therapeutic measures and the composition of rehabilitation procedures.

With regard to prevention of the disease, it is aimed at a timely warning of the processes that lead to the degeneration of the heart muscle.

Myocardiodystrophy children

In early heart disease are caused by rickets, hypervitaminosis, chronic malnutrition, bacterial infections and viral infections. Furthermore, myocardial children may develop due to physical stress, or vice versa, due to physical inactivity child. Generally, early symptoms of disease expressed softly. For this reason, you should immediately consult your doctor at the first suspicion of heart problems. For the diagnosis of myocardial dystrophy held standard in such cases the event, namely: a thorough examination of the doctor-cardiologist, electrocardiogram, ultrasound of the heart.