Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease)

General information about the disease

 Symptoms of Lyme disease appear after a tick bite man

In 1975, in the small town of Lyme began the first study of infectious diseases, known as Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease). It is caused by spirochete transmitted by ticks and sort Ixodes dammini. The most common carriers of these parasites are the pets and livestock, but the considerable contribution to the process of infection is made with mice and rats, the body which is a real incubator for immature ticks.

In most cases, Lyme disease is a chronic and recurrent nature of the flow. The disease affects the skin, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and heart. The human body gets an infection at the bite of infected ticks. The greatest activity they show in the summer. Accordingly, the risk of catching Lyme disease (Lyme disease) is increasing in the warmer months, by analogy with the tick-borne encephalitis. Lyme disease outbreaks regularly recorded in all regions of the Russian Federation, so the elementary precautions during summer holidays is to remember every person, regardless of where it resides - in Siberia or in the Krasnodar region.

What happens after a tick bite?

Infection occurs during the tick bite. With the saliva Borrelia parasites enter the skin and begin to proliferate. Over time, they spread to other areas of the skin and penetrate into the internal organs. For suspected Lyme disease patients should begin treatment as soon as possible, since mites tend to persist in the body of the carrier for years, causing the occurrence of relapses and chronic Lyme disease. In many ways similar to Lyme disease symptoms of syphilis.

Lyme disease - symptoms and clinical picture

In 70% of cases at the site of the bite appears red spot, which is growing rapidly, often reaching 30-40 cm in diameter. Stain can be irregularly shaped, but generally, it is oval or round. At the same time the outer edges of the inflamed skin above the level of healthy skin. Directly at the bite spot eventually fades or becomes bluish, and at its center there is the crust first and then - a small scar. Regardless, the man turned to the doctor or not - spot disappears after 2-3 weeks, and even after about 1, 5 months Lyme disease (Lyme disease) will manifest itself in the form of lesions of the central nervous system, heart and musculoskeletal system. For this reason, any tick bite should be seen as a threat to human life and health, which entails early access to a doctor for a complete examination.

Confirmation of the diagnosis of Lyme disease is carried out using blood samples.

Lyme disease - treatment of the disease

The patient was sent to the infectious department of the hospital. The main therapeutic measures are aimed at the destruction of Borrelia, which helps prevent the progression of Lyme disease, and it becomes chronic. Otherwise, Lyme disease leads to damage vital organ systems and disability.

In the early stages of Lyme disease symptoms can be well treated with antibiotics, but it should be borne in mind that such treatment will be effective only if the patient has fever and no signs of intoxication. Of course, the choice of specific antibiotics and their dosage when Lyme disease is to determine only an experienced doctor with the clinical manifestations of the infection and the patient's condition. We only list the best known tools used by experts in the diagnosis of Lyme disease. These include: amoxicillin, chloramphenicol, doxycycline, tetracycline, penicillin and chloramphenicol succinate.

After discharge from the hospital, patients are subject to a mandatory medical examination. Surveys conducted for 2 years after 3, 6, 12 months and 2 years after the end of treatment.

Prevention of Lyme disease

 The best way to protect from bites of infected ticks borreliosis - lotion Diftolar
 To prevent tick bites are used as direct (destruction of the parasites in nature) and indirect (protective) measures. We are well aware that wearing special suits protivokleschevoy while relaxing dare not everyone, but for this purpose it is possible to adapt and ordinary clothes. If you do not catch Lyme disease, when the road to the forest or the village tuck shirt into pants and pants - boots or high boots. In addition, it is advisable to wear long-sleeved shirts and tight fit of the cuff. There are less drastic ways of protection. For example, you can spray the exposed areas of the body different deterrent repellents (Diftolar, DEET) or soaked clothing with special preparations such as domestic funds "Permet."

If prevention does not work, then immediately after the bite, seek medical advice. Remember that, if untreated, Lyme disease can make you a disabled person, so do not count on luck and even more on self. Believe me, the official medicine to cope with Lyme disease is much faster and more efficiently than you are.

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